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About Me

A blogger for many years starting from Xanga, I’ve always had a very keen interest in writing and sharing my words with others. Surprisingly, I was actually one of the top-rated sites on Xanga. Then Myspace launched and popularized, and I pivoted. I spent all my early teenage years and hours developing Myspace layouts (Layouts_By_Kasey) and coded a lot of HTML and CSS for my users to enjoy. From all this nerdiness, I became one of the most popular and reliable layout websites.

Fast forward to July 2015, I gathered up the courage once again to launch The StyleWright and I could not have made a better decision. Coupled with my experience in modeling, singing, and writing, creating a fashion blog seemed like such an easy and natural transition. And so it went!

Much like how a playwright composes scripts for plays, I write about styles of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and inspirations. My goal is to reach out to others through more depth than just through fashion or beauty. My lifetime aspiration is to serve as an inspiration to others by sharing my personal story and music with the world.

Thank you for joining me in my journey and I hope you enjoy The StyleWright as much as I do.

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