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Top 6 Hairstyles of 2020

kasey ma talks about the top hairstyles of 2020

Versatile Hair is Chic Year-Round

Because we haven’t had a lot of time to get to the salon this year, thanks to the global coronavirus outbreak, it’s so much more important that women choose hairstyles that they can adapt as they grow out or that have little required maintenance. With limited availability to get haircuts or coloring services, choosing simple looks for your hair can keep your cut and style looking fresher for longer. You won’t want to miss these top six hairstyles of 2020, known for their versatility and timeless style.

emma stone shag hairstyles 2020

The Modern Shag

The shag haircut has been a cosmetology staple for decades, but the 2020 version has fewer layers to prevent the look from appearing dated. The shag haircut is casual, choppy, and full of texture, and is suitable for most hair types and lengths. It can be styled into a classy look for special occasions or kept loose and free for a rock-n-roller look.

To get a truly modern shag, ask for choppy ends and layering. Blunt, curtain, or side-swept bangs complement the shape of the shag cut and can help the style fit any face shape. Similarly, the shag can be nearly any length, from a longer pixie to elbow length tresses; the choices are nearly limitless with this style.

Curls even look great in a shag cut! All it needs is some air drying and product to give ringlets and waves a little bit of bounce. This simple-to-maintain cut is freeing, especially when you’re looking for a low-maintenance, totally fun style that works well all year round.

rihanna with an undercut hairstyles 2020

The New Undercut

If you’re looking for an edgy style, consider an undercut style. In 2020, undercuts look best with shorter hair styles, such as bobs or pixies, and is cut in such a way to allow wearers to conceal the shaved area for a more traditional look, or part their hair in such a way to reveal a large portion of the shaved areas, usually at the temple and lower neckline.

Undercuts are lifesavers for women with exceptionally thick hair; the shaved portion takes away some of the weight, especially for those with frizzy hair at the nape of the neck. You can choose to highlight the shaved area by dying it or bleaching it, braiding hair along the edge, or brushing your hair over for a windswept look.

Unfortunately, undercuts do require frequent maintenance to keep the shaved areas short and neat, so you will want to visit your hairdresser regularly. Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with a shaver — perhaps you’ve had some experience at cosmetology school — you can perform trims on the shaved areas yourself.

kylie jenner center part hairstyles 2020

Center-Parted Blunt Bob

A bob haircut will never go out of style, especially as hairstylists and influencers find new ways to update the look. This year, style your bob with a center part and blunt ends. Although side parts haven’t exactly fallen out of fashion, the center part harkens us back to the 1970s — just like those modern shag cuts — while the clipped ends give it a flair that is very much akin to what you’d find in the Vidal Sassoon portfolio.

A blunt bob looks great on straight hair of any thickness and is appropriate for all ages. It’s extremely versatile; add some curls to mask the bluntness of the ends or pull it back into a sleek pony.

zoe natural curly hair

Natural Curls

If you’re lucky enough to be born with hair that falls into ringlets or twisty, twirly curls, then you might want to try the all-natural look! Natural curls are quick to style; just gently towel dry and add product, using your fingers to comb through tangles.

You don’t need a comb, brush, or hairdryer, making your natural curls one of the easiest and least expensive styles to maintain. Add in some on-trend hair clips to accessorize with your outfit and keep your hair in place if needed.

jennifer hairstyle mockingjay hairstyles 2020

Asymmetrical Pixies or Short Bobs

Looking for a dramatic look that’s even edgier than a typical undercut? Consider an asymmetrical cut that is like two styles in one. Asymmetrical cuts liven up shorter hairstyles and give you an unexpected look that can be both professional and fun.

Super short cropped looks work well on most hair types, but especially for those with finer hair. You will find delicate strands lay down and frame the face better than extra thick hair, which may have a tendency to stand straight up, especially in shorter areas. An expert hair stylist can customize this asymmetrical look to your hair type, so be clear about what you’re looking for!

natural gray hair

Stay Gray

Women not wanting to risk a home box dye or outings to the hair salon every few weeks have recently embraced their graying hair and have decided to let their natural colors shine through. Although growing out your grays can be a long process and many women opt for pixie cuts to make the change more immediate, it can also be very rewarding and save you a lot of time and money on dye upkeep.

If you’re looking for ways to embrace your grays, talk to your hairdresser about toning shampoos that can keep the brassiness in check, and piece-y haircuts that can highlight your silver strands.

No matter which of these hairstyles you choose, you’re going to look on-trend this year, even as you work from home or cover part of your face with a mask. Make an appointment with your hairstylist to freshen up your look!


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kasey ma talks about the top hairstyles of 2020

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