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Tricks to Look Better in Your Clothes

kasey ma of thestylewright wearing a pink silk dress with a white long sleeve at an event talks about how to dress

Try this tips to feel confident in your clothes!

kasey ma of thestylewright wearing a pink silk dress with a white long sleeve at an event talks about how to dress

When you look your best, you naturally feel more confident and this shines through in your demeanor and attitude. By using a few handy hacks to enhance your appearance, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem in no time. Why wait? Take a look at these top tricks to look better in your clothes today:

Choose Clothes with Material in Mind

Before you look at style or color, take note of what material clothes are made from. Pieces comprised of elastane or Lycra will have added stretch, while cotton and linen garments are likely to be more breathable. Often, the material is one of the last things we consider when choosing clothes but has a major impact on how well clothes hang and what silhouette they create. 

Wear an Undershirt

Your undergarments create your shape, so wearing an undershirt gives you a great base to work with. NUMI designs are known for their comfortable, compression slimming shirts, and they’ll ensure you look great in any outfit. With a range of colors and styles available, undershirts can be worn under casual clothing, work attire, and even glamorous outfits. 

Kasey Ma of TheStyleWright with a black statement bag and blue dress talks about how to dressShop this look HERE

Select a Statement Bag

A statement bag is a great way to complete any outfit and it’s a functional accessory that will draw the eye. Supremely useful, as well as fashionable, the right bag will help you to feel more confident in your clothing choices. With endless choices in terms of color, material, and style, you can rely on a stylish bag to complement your attire and enhance your overall look. 

Dress for Your Shape

As an adult, your body shape rarely changes. Whether you gain weight or lose it, you’ll still have the same body shape. By learning to dress for your shape, you can ensure that you’ll always look your best. Although not every trend will necessarily suit your shape, sticking to the ones that do will always flatter your curves and enhance your best features. 

Rehearse Your Outfit

If you’re unsure about an outfit, don’t wait until a big event to wear it. Instead, take the time to get used to your new attire by ‘rehearsing’ it and look better in your clothes today. You might not want to be seen wearing a cocktail dress while grocery shopping but there’s nothing stopping you from wearing it around the house! The longer you spend in a new garment, the more comfortable you’ll feel by the time it comes to wear it in public. 

Boost Your Confidence

No matter what clothes you choose to wear, feeling confident will help you to dress with style. Often, a person’s natural confidence is all it takes for someone to declare that they ‘look amazing’ or ‘have great style’. By working on your self-esteem and using the best clothing tricks, you can enhance any outfit or look. 

Learning more about clothes and fashion is a great place to start, particularly if you feel nervous about wearing new trends and styles. With a little experimentation, you can find your go-to pieces and enhance them with on-trend accessories. 




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kasey ma of thestylewright talks abuot how to dress better and more confidently

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