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Express Yourself With Style: Body Art, Accessories and Make-Up

kasey ma of thestylewright writing about how to express yourself with your own unique style

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We define self-expression as expressing one’s thoughts and feelings, and these expressions can be accomplished through words, choices or actions – (Kim & Ko, 2007)

Expressing yourself is an essential part of forming and displaying your identity to the world. Plus, the way you look can influence the way you feel and empower you to be the best version of yourself. 

Your image talks to your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers, without you needing to utter a word. By altering your aesthetics, you can design, create, and present an exterior that shows others how you feel, who you are, and why you’re different. From your beliefs to your life experiences, self-expression through style gives you a way to highlight your quirks and traits and share the parts you’re happy for others to see.


With or without realizing it, the clothes in your wardrobe and the outfits you choose to wear, along with the accessories used to tie the look together, are a form of self-expression. Whether you opt for tracksuit bottoms and a slouchy jumper, to emulate a chilled, laid-back vibe, or lace your body in top designer labels – it all says something about you. 

On the road to self-expression, more people are eager to try out designing, creating, and overhauling their existing clothes with dye, beads, and tailoring to create an outfit they adore and represent them. Creating and adding sparkle to your clothes shows individualism and can better represent your mood. According to a recent study, “while personality plays a part in clothing selection, mood is a much stronger predictor, especially for women; how you choose to dress on any given day can simply be a result of your mood.”

kasey ma of thestylewright at the beach how to express yourself


Clothes aren’t the only way to reveal the real you; if you haven’t taken the plunge already, tattooing may be something you want to consider. Tattoos, providing you go to a reputable tattoo artist, are works of art that remind you of who you are and to love yourself regardless. Moreover, if they’re visible to others, they expose who you are to the world, perhaps even attracting individuals who are endeared by your markings to spark conversations with you. Tattoos are a limitless art, and the opportunities for expressing your character through words and illustrations are endless. You can demonstrate your unique life experiences, stories, and beliefs, not to mention, they look pretty cool too!

Tattoos are a way you can take pieces of your personality and put them on display for others to see. – Konnor Geel, tattoo enthusiast.


Alongside tattoos, piercings have been used for thousands of years in various cultures to emphasize, nobility, and strength. They may also signify whether an individual conforms or rebels against society.

With an abundance of jewelry for piercings available, you can hone in on your style by selecting a piece that works with the look you want to portray. From an opal belly button ring to dangly earrings or a nose ring, choose the jewelry that speaks to you and works in-sync with your style.


Makeups’ initial purpose in western society was used to cover-up imperfections and beautify female faces. However, makeup has evolved; although it can still be used to enhance your appearance, it’s not solely used for this purpose, and it’s not limited to women anymore either. 

Although makeup artists are a blessing, with a surge in “how to” beauty and makeup videos available, particularly on Youtube, you can pick and choose, practice, and experiment until you become your own best makeup artist that can create looks that you love. Often people change their makeup depending on the occasion, but there are no limits. With makeup, you can show who you are through different hues and makeup techniques that reflect your individuality and transform your appearance. 

To get your self-expression on, be open to testing out new beauty giveaways, such as lipsticks, eye shadows, bronzers, and so forth to find what works for you and what look you think best expresses your personality, style, and beliefs.

Self-expression is about more than creating a cool new look for others to swoon over; it’s also about connecting with others, feeling understood, inspiring others, and, of course, when you want to, impressing onlookers. With an array of cost-effective clothing, accessories, and makeup available online and in store, coupled with a hint of creativity, creating the best version of yourself through makeup has never been so easy.

The purpose of life is self-expression – Oscar Wilde.




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kasey ma of thestylewright writing about how to express yourself with your own unique style

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