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My Sumikko Gurashi Collection | Kawaii Plush Update

Kasey Ma holding up some of her Sumikko Gurashi Plushies with the words Sumikko Guragashi collection on it

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Kawaii Plushies: My Sumikko Gurashi Collection


Kasey Ma holding up some of her beloved Sumikko Gurashi plushies

It’s been a while since I did an updated Kawaii Plushie collection break down, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say my collection has continued to grow! This time I’m talking about some of my favorite Japanese characters and plushies ever…Sumikko Gurashi! These little guys and their stories completely stole my heart the second I started doing learning about their characters. If you’re new to or if you’re already a fan of these cute little characters, this collection update is one you certainly do not want to miss! 

Sumikko Gurashi characters by San-x in a Cartoon

What is Sumikko Gurashi?

Sumikko Gurashi is a group of characters who live a quiet and solitary life in the corner. They don’t like being in the center of the room because they are very shy. Even when they are taken to the center of the room, they rush back to their little corners for safety. 

San-x logo

So, where did Sumikko Gurashi originate from? Sumikko Gurashi is actually a sub-brand of the larger San-X umbrella company. San-X is a Japanese company that owns a lot of Japanese products and licensed goods, including many popular characters such as Rillakkuma, Amuse, and obviously, Sumikko Gurashi. (Read my previous blog post about my Rilakkuma collection HERE).

How I Started Collecting Sumikko Gurashi

I basically fell in love with Sumikko Gurashi after I first started collecting Disney Tsum Tsums (see my Plushie collection video here with tsum tsums on YouTube which has garnered over 288K views!). As soon as I decided to start my Tsum Tsum Instagram account, (@UfufyTsumTsum), I fell right into the plushie community.

After having to “catch up” and buy a lot of them secondhand due to a slow-down in their production, I was able to see first-hand how big the plushie community really was. I joined Facebook groups and even started my own plushie IG account to keep memories of my plushies and show them off to the world! It was so nice to create an Instagram where I didn’t have to be the face of every single picture and instead, really share the love of a hobby for what it was!

From the Facebook and Instagram community, I noticed that people had started collecting other plushies. The ones that really caught my eye were these adorable Sumikko Gurashi characters. I couldn’t get over how cute they were, so I did a lot of research on the characters. As I was going through Google, I learned how each character had a story and I immediately became obsessed with them! Some of their stories are heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time! Some of them have really sad sob stories that just make you want to buy them (P.S. that mentality TOTALLY WORKS!). So, with that being said, let’s get into some of the characters and their stories so we can all learn a little bit more about these cuddly creatures. 

Characters of Sumikko Gurashi Shirokuma , Penguin?, Tokage, Neko, Tonkatsu,

Meet the Sumikko Gurashi Characters 

shirokuma, one of the sumikko gurashi characters


Shirokuma is a shy polar bear who migrated south to avoid the cold. He feels the calmest while drinking hot tea in a corner and in general, is a very shy and sensitive character. He’s close friends with Furoskiki, which is a cute little bag he uses with a kawaii face.

Penguin?, one of the sumikko gurash


Penguin? is a green penguin-like figure who doesn’t know if he’s actually a penguin. He really loves cucumbers, and I actually own a lot of Re-ment figures that shows him with cucumbers! (You can buy my favorite Sumikko Gurashi Re-ment set HERE and get 10% off anything from with code “TheStyleWright”!)

Real Penguin in Sumikko Guraashi

Penguin (Real)

Real Penguin is blue and is friends with all the Sumikko Gurashi characters! He’s a real penguin unlike “Penguin?”. He loves to travel the world. 

Gif of Tonkatsu, one of the sumikko gurashi characters


Tonkatsu is the fried end of a pork cutlet and is absolutely one of my favorite characters! Unfortunately, he is discarded because he is too fat and nobody wants him :(. He’s 1% meat and 99% fat, so he is often left behind. 

Neko, one of the Sumikko Gurashi characters that is a cat


Neko is a shy and timid cat! He hides in the corner and is very insecure about his body shape. I literally have no idea why he is so insecure because he is such a cute little cat!!

Tokage, one of the Sumikko Gurashi Characters


Tokage is one of the last dinosaurs of this world, and is a very popular character. In order to avoid being caught as a dinosaur, he disguises himself as a lizard. Tokage misses his mother a lot and actually draws sketches of her all the time. 

Zassou, one of the sumikko gurashi characters in a cartoon


Zassou is a weed! He admires florists and dreams of being made into a bouquet one day. 

Ebifurai No Shippo gurashi cartoon, fried shrimp tail one of the sumikko gurashi characters

Ebifurai No Shippo

Andddd…my favorite character of them all is finally here! Ebifurai No Shippo is the fried end of a shrimp tail, and just like Tonkatsu, he has a sad story about being left behind. No one wants to eat the end of a fried shrimp tail, so he’s the part that’s cut off and discarded. 🙁 Ebifurai No Shippo and Tonkatsu are really good friends and they bond over their shared sadness. 

Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Brown Tapioca


Tapioca are some of my other favorites as well! There are so many colors including yellow, blue, pink, and brown and they are just so freakin’ cute. They also have a sad story, as they are the hard Boba left at the bottom of Taiwanese bubble tea. Tapioca, Ebifurai No Shippo, and Tonkatsu are all good friends and stick together because of their similar stories. And fun fact: Brown Tapioca is more cynical than most of his other tapioca friends. He has dark eyes that make him look more evil than the others. 

ExportHokori, dust ball. One of the sumikko gurashi characters


Hokori, known as dust ball, is a careless bunch that often piles up near corners and hides there. He actually even gets bigger when he piles up!

Suzume or sparrow, one of the sumikko gurashi characters


Suzume is just a regular sparrow. He is friends with Tonkatsu and likes to peck at him a lot. Like what! Ugh, I know – what a cute little guy! 

cartoon sumikko gurashi character Nisetsumuri 


Nisetsumuri is a slug with a shell. He says that he is sorry for tricking you because he is just a regular slug with a shell, which is so sad. So basically, he’s like a fake snail, not a real one. 

Ghost character named Obake


Obake is a ghost that lives in the Attic, and is so darn adorable!  In the attic, he likes to spend all of his time cleaning all of the dust. Unlike ghosts that haunt people, Obake tries to keep quiet to prevent scaring others. 

Yama, small mountain of Mt. Fuji


Yama is a small mountain who looks up to Mt. Fuji. He lives in the hot springs and likes to pretend he is Mt. Fuji! 

cartoon sumikko gurashi character Mogura


Mogura is a mole that used to live in a corner underground. He became curious about the commotion above ground, so he finally surfaced for the first time. Another fun fact about Mogura is that he loves red boots!

Fukurou and Suzume, characters of sumikko gurashi


Fukorou is a pink owl who is friends with Suzume, the sparrow! He is nocturnal but likes to stay awake during the day. 


Suzume is a sparrow that flies who likes to nibble on Tonkatu’s crumbs. As stated above, him and Fukurou the owl are inseparable!

Tokage (real), the green lizard.

Tokage (real)

Real Tokage is a green lizard who unlike Tokage, does NOT pretend to be a lizard. He is friends with the other Tokage, and he lives in the forest! 

Tokages mother carrying all the other SUmikko Gurashi characters

Tokage’s Mother 

Tokage’s Mother, the love of Tokage’s life, is actually the Lochness Monster! She is also a dinosaur that survived, and she lives in the sea! Tokage is constantly thinking about her.

My Collection

Sumikko Gurashi collection of mini plushies

Small-Sized/Tenori Sumikko Gurashi Collection

My small-sized collection of the Sumikko Gurashi characters are some of my favorites! I display a lot of them on these acrylic shelves because they are so tiny. Plus, it’s the simplest way that I’ve found to display them. Some of my favorite items from my small-sized collections are the Ebifurai No Shippo, Tokage, Blue Tapioca, Yellow Tapioca, Pink Tapioca, Brown Tapioca, Mogura, Tokage (real), Obake, Sakura Cherry Blossom Edition, and more linked below! There’s also this amazing Penguin? & Ebifurai No Shippo Mystery Box Spa Set from JellyBeet that I absolutely adore. Make sure to use my promo code “TheStyleWright” to Get 10% OFF for now! 

Sumikko Gurashi Plush Scenery Set from Jellybeet by kasey ma of thestylewright

Plush Scenery Sets for Tenori/Small-Sized

Scenery sets really bring your collection to the next level! I have a few sets that I absolutely love including this Sumikko Gurashi Scene Plush Doll Bathroom set! I found these scenery setts on and you can too for a discount! Use code “TheStyleWright” to get 10% off of these adorable and organizing plush sets for your SG plushies like theiss Coffee Shop/Café with Shirokuma and this House/Garden Set with Shirokuma

Larger Sumikko Gurashi collection

My Large Sumikko Gurashi Plush Collection

And for the larger plush, I have quite a cute collection! Not sure how I am fitting them in my tiny 1-bedroom, but I guess when there’s a will, there’s a way :-)! And in case you’re wondering where I got them from, you can find most of them on JellyBeet or Amazon, and sometimes some third-party pickup sellers on Instagram.

Some of my favorites from my larger plush collection are the Ebifurai No Shippo/Shrimp Tail Small 4” (Shop on Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), the Ebifurai No Shippo/Shrimp Medium 6” (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), the Tonkatsu in Fry T-Shirt with Ebifurai no Shippo (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), the Shirokuma Marshmallow (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), the Tokage Ice Cream (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), the Tokage Yogurt (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE), and the Tapioca Comfy Cat Kitten Costume (Shop Amazon HERE & JellyBeet HERE).

Kasey Ma holding up some of her beloved Sumikko Gurashi plushies

AND once again, make sure to use code “TheStyleWright” to Get 10% OFF for anything you buy now! 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the super cute Sumikko Gurashi characters and my never-ending obsession with kawaii products!

 Check out my Sumikko Gurashi video on my YouTube channel below where I show off my collection of Sumikko Gurashi and how I organize everything!

My Sumikko Gurashi Plushie Collection Video


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Kasey Ma holding up her Sumikko Gurashi plushies

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