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NYFW 2020 Looks 1 & 2: Red + Pink for Valentine’s Day & Confronting Ignorance About The Coronavirus

Kasey Ma wearing blue ripped jeans and a sheer mesh top from SHein outside of Spring Studios before NYFW 2020

Representing both love and boldness for New York Fashion Week 2020

Kasey Ma of the Style Wright wearing Shein coat posing in the streets of NYC for NYFW 2020

Pink Plunge Long Sleeve Top | Red Faux Leather Skirt | Red Bralette | Michael Kors Riding Boots | Shein Brown Teddy Coat | Jeff Wan Clear Pineapple Toat | Sequin Miami Link Choker | Sequin Moon & Star Talisman | Wanderlust Bracelet | Shoptiques Gold Star Hoop Earrings

It seems like just yesterday I was running around the streets of NYC trying to make it to all the shows I could for last season’s New York Fashion Week. But some months have passed, the temperature has definitely dropped…which can only mean one thing – NYFW 2020 is officially here!

I decided to take this season a little slow because I’ve been so exhausted killing myself for the past 5 years and 10 seasons of NYFW. I only wanted to attend a couple of shows and events each day that I really wanted to go to. Although I took it easier, my assistant and I did get to attend some fantastic events. From presentations to runway shows, the first couple of days were some I will never forget.

With that being said, let’s get into some of my looks! 

NYFW 2020 Look 1: Valentine’s Day Theme with a Red Faux Leather Skirt and a Pink Plunge Top

Kasey Ma wearing a red leather faux skirt and pink plunge top for NYFW 2020

Pink Plunge Long Sleeve Top | Red Faux Leather Skirt | Red Bralette | Michael Kors Riding Boots | Shein Brown Teddy Coat | Jeff Wan Clear Pineapple Toat | Sequin Miami Link Choker | Sequin Moon & Star Talisman | Wanderlust Bracelet | Shoptiques Gold Star Hoop Earrings


I started off Day 1 of NYFW 2020 at the Bowery Hotel attending the L’AGENCE Fall ‘2020 Presentation. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous, and the Bowery Hotel was the perfect place to host it. Right when I walked in, there was a beautiful flower arrangement and curtain with the L’AGENCE logo on it where we could take photos. Then, when you rounded the corner, I could see models posing on the fancy couches wearing the stunning new L’AGENCE collection. 

After the L’AGENCE event, my assistant and I had some time to kill, so we had to fill our belly with some delicious Thai Food. The hustle never stops even during NYFW, so we had to connect to hotspots while getting some last-minute work done on our laptop.

Next up, we had the Tula Skincare Event at Mister French! Tula is absolutely one of my favorite skincare lines to date. Their products contain probiotics, which help restore healthy bacteria on your face and always leave my skin feeling so nice. They can’t claim this officially, but their skincare has helped reduce the number of breakouts on my face entirely! My assistant and I had such a blast at the event and were so happy to be able to celebrate Tula’s products with them. The food and drinks were delicious, and we even got cute little charm bracelets made and customized for us. It was such a great ending to Day 1 of NYFW 2020!

Kasey posing with her pineapple bag from Jeff Wan with a NYC taxi in the background

The Look

This look was inspired by Valentine’s Day coming up. I’ve always loved the mix of pink and red together, and I wanted to create a layered look that made a statement. I decided to wear a deep plunge pink long sleeve shirt (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) layered on top of a gorgeous red lace bralette (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) to add a touch of sexiness. The bralette peeked out just enough to add a statement and it matched perfectly with the red leather faux skirt I wore. To add some warmth, I topped off the look with one of my favorite Shein teddy coats. Teddy coats have been all the rage, and this one from Shein does not disappoint. To get 15% off of, use code SVD125 until March 31st!


To make the look really pop, I had to add in some of my favorite accessories. For jewelry, I layered two of my go-to necklaces from Sequin Jewelry. Sequin has such incredible layering pieces so I paired the Miami Link Gold Choker with the Moon and Star Talisman. For earrings, I wore my Shoptiques Gold Star Hoop Earrings. I was also so happy to wear Jet Set Candy’s wanderlust gold cuff bracelet (Shop Similar HERE and HERE). Last but not least, I finished off the accessories by adding the most adorable clear Jeff Wan Pineapple Bag.

Kasey Ma showing off her Michael Kors Riding Boots for NYFW 2020


For shoes, I chose some classic Michael Kors brown riding boots (Shop Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE). These kept me warm and chic throughout the day, while still providing comfort. 


I was so exhausted from the long night I had before, so I sent my assistant to go to the shows and events for me this day of NYFW 2020. First up on Annie’s schedule was to attend the Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show at Spring Studios. After attending the show, she quickly made her way over to the Arlo Hotel to see Jeff Wan’s newest collection. As a huge fan of Jeff Wan, I was so happy to see all of the adorable designs and new colors. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on another bag!

Next up, Annie went to the John Frieda event and celebrated the launch of the Detox & Repair collection. The event was themed completely around detoxing and she got to enjoy a matcha latte while chilling out to a zen nasal oxygen mask infused with calming aromas. 

After the John Frieda Event was the Fashion Hong Kong After Party. This After Party was located at Mr. Purple on the Lower East Side of NYC and was so much fun! Apparently, Annie got to go and take some footage of the event (stay tuned for the YouTube video!), and eat some of the “most delicious hors d’oeuvres she has ever had”. 

NYFW 2020 Look 2: Edgy Ripped Jeans and a Sheer Top with a Bold Statement

Kasey Ma wearing blue ripped jeans and a sheer mesh top from SHein outside of Spring Studios before NYFW 2020

Sheer Star Mesh Top | Ripped Jeans with Chain | Faux Fur Collared Bomber | Long Grey Coat | Red Bralette | Geometric Statement Necklace | Cecelia NY Trekker Boots | Knockoff Immitation Issey Miyake Black Backpack

Day 3

This day of NYFW 2020 started with my participation in the panel for Skinfix at the WWD Style Dimension Event. I was so happy when Skinfix asked me to do this as I am such a huge fan of the brand (see my segment with them on Good Morning America HERE). That afternoon, I arrived at the Dream Downtown Hotel and went straight to the green room to get my microphone on. There, I met with the Skinfix team to discuss the panel and logistics. The panel started off as a discussion with Amy Risley (Founder of Skinfix). Next, they brought out Paget Bolotin (Executive Director of Marketing at Skinfix) and myself to discuss the products. Paget then did a demonstration on my face to show the audience how beautiful the Skinfix products apply to the skin. The panel was such a success – and I was so grateful to be a part of it!

Kasey Ma wearing her mask to bring awareness to racism with the corona virus at NYFW 2020

Shows & Events

After the panel, my assistant and I had to rush to the Vivienne Hu Runway Show, where we wore masks with “DON’T ASSUME” written across the front. It’s no secret that everyone is freaking out about the Corona Virus right now. And me being Chinese, I could not believe the blatant racism I have faced in person and seen online to other Asian Americans. I decided that enough was enough and wanted to take a stand for all my Asian Americans throughout that day during NYFW! Overall, the masks were a hit, and we got our picture taken many times by the photographers waiting outside the Shows. Hopefully, the message sticks this time around. See my Instagram post about my silent protest HERE

Up next was the Son Jung Wan 2020 Runway Show. This show is one that I look forward to every season, and I was so excited that I was able to attend again this year. The collection was absolutely gorgeous, and I had a fantastic time at the show.

The last event we went to was the WWD Style Dimension VIP party back at the Dream Hotel Downtown. It was so amazing to be able to reunite with many of my blogger friends and celebrate the success of the panel with Skinfix and WWD. Plus, the music was so good and we had so much fun dancing the night away!

The Look

For this look, I wanted to go super edgy. I wore a pair of these amazing baggy ripped jeans from Shein and paired it with a Shein Sheer Star Shirt. To add some layers, I wore the same red bralette (shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) from the last look under my shirt. Because this day was so cold, I had to layer up even more with a couple of coats. I added this navy faux fur hooded bomber jacket (shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) and a longer, simple, wool grey coat (shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) for warmth. 

Kasey Ma posing right outside of Spring Studios for NYFW with her mask that says Don't Assume for the Corona Virus stigma


Even though my outfit was pretty edgy already, I knew I wanted to spice it up even more with some equally edgy accessories. I added this super cool geometric statement necklace (shop similar HERE and HERE) to add a touch of silver. For my bag, I carried this knockoff immitation Issey Miyake black backpack (shop similar HERE and HERE)  that I got when I was in Hong Kong. But really, the main accessory I wanted to showcase was my mask. It was so important to me to make a statement, especially one that affected the lives of every Asian American walking the streets in American right now.


For shoes, I wore a pair of my absolute favorite Cecelia New York shoes, The Navy Trekker Combat Boots. The pom’s on these shoes absolutely took my look to the next level. I was so excited to finally wear them out and feel like a badd*ss.

And there you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed my first two looks of NYFW 2020 :-). Stay tuned for my next two looks, and don’t forget to shop my looks below!



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Kasey Ma wearing blue ripped jeans and a sheer mesh top from SHein outside of Spring Studios before NYFW 2020

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