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A Week in My Life as a Full-Time Blogger

Come behind-the-scenes of my day to day life as a full-time blogger/influencer!


Full-Time Blogger Kasey Ma posing in her whowhatwear jacket and bill

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to being a full-time blogger and what we actually do for a living. From shooting content to brand partnerships, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into the seemingly glamorous life we show on Instagram. So with that said, I am breaking down what happens in a typical week in my life as a full-time blogger and influencer especially during the past crazy holiday season!

Events and Special Opportunities

As a full-time blogger, there are a lot of events and special opportunities that we get to participate in and attend. This week, I didn’t attend any specific events from brands because of how hectic my holiday schedule was. However, I did get to take part in a Tim White music video as a dancer/model! I was so excited to be a part of this incredible opportunity, and it indeed was such a fun experience. I had to dance by myself with a ton of people watching me, and it was so nerve-wracking. Then Tim came in, and we danced together, so it felt a little less awkward. Towards the end, a bunch of other influencers joined in to do a huge dance scene together, and then I started to feel more confident. All in all, it was terrific to work with Tim and step out of my comfort zone.

Kasey Ma of the blog TheStyleWright taking a photo at FAO Schwarz in NYC


A lot of people assume that bloggers just get products and services for free, but that is not the case. There is always work on my part, whether it’s filming unboxing videos or advertising brands on my Instagram feed through well-thought-out photography and videography. Most people don’t realize all the effort that goes into these collaborations. Not only do I have to plan all of my outfits and do my makeup, but I also have to travel to the location to shoot (whether that’s in the city or far away) and then edit for hours when I get home.

For this week in my life, I had a partnership with my favorite salon in the city, The Salon Project. In exchange for a cut and color, I advertised and promoted them on my Instagram. They always have given me such amazing services, and I am genuinely in love with the way my hair turns out every time. Therefore, I was so happy to be able to collab with them again!

Blogger Kasey Ma with a Christmas Tree at The New York Palace


Getting quality photo content to post is not always easy, especially in the challenging environment of NYC. The weather, traffic, people and even security guards (!) can make it really difficult to get that perfect shot and achieve the vision you had in your head.

For this week, my partner Jay and I visited the Cartier Store, the Lotte New York Palace, and the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Shop to shoot some holiday content. From the get-go, traffic was crazy, and we were having major lighting issues. In some photos, I looked completely green or red! Then, when we went inside the Lotte New York Palace, we practically got kicked out by a security guard and THEN harassed by an older woman who thought we were shooting for a magazine. Nonetheless, we still did get some great content, and I was so happy to get these fantastic shots just in time for the Holidays.


Full-time blogger kasey ma posing at the Lotte New York Palace in NYC

Content Creation

Another misconception about bloggers/influencers is that people assume that everything we do and and post about is paid for or sponsored in some way. In actuality, content creators always have to create content even if, and especially if, they are NOT paid! Starting out in this business, you don’t make money at all, you actually lose money in buying a camera, hiring a photographer, or any assistants! However, we must post high-quality at all times in order for brands to notice us at all so we can reciprocate the same quality work back for them. After all, I, along with a lot of OG bloggers, started blogging for the sheer creativity of it, and we never initially tried to make money from our blogs. Money should just be thought of as a bonus, and passion for photography, writing, photo/video editing, and social media MUST COME FIRST! 

So in order to create consistent content and hold myself accountable, I create a weekly content schedule in addition to planning the next week’s. I share this with my assistant as well so she can chip in with her help as needed. I find that the more organized and scheduled out my content is, the less stressed I am about getting everything out on time.

My current schedule is as follows: post Youtube videos every Friday, blog posts every Sunday, and Instagram posts every day or at least 5-6 times a week. With this content comes bi-weekly newsletters to go along with the recently published Youtube videos and blog posts.

Then, there’s the graphic design component and marketing materials for distribution and social sharing. For each one of my blog posts, my assistant and I design a main blog graphic to go on the site in addition to a Pinterest graphic. I then share the blog posts to Pinterest boards to help gain more traction. It’s very important to distribute TheStyleWright content to different platforms so that we can reach a broader audience. 

In conclusion, us bloggers/influencers/content creators wear many hats. We get to be the model, the photographer, the videographer, the director, and the story creator all at the same time. I truly hope this gave you a more behind-the-scenes look into the craziness that in this career.


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