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My LA Trip | Producing Photoshoots + Getting Robbed

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Come along as I share everything I was up to recently during my trip to LA!

My Trip to Los Angeles

Kasey Ma posing with Mazda USA for her recent trip to LA

I’m so happy to share everything I’ve been up to as of lately, including my most recent trip to LA. I was brought onto a production team to help creative direct a photoshoot for my friend’s startup home decor brand. The first product of the brand is artwork, so they needed some help organizing, casting, and overall producing content to use for the brand’s official launch.

I had a blast bringing together 16 models of different personas to the shoot! These models all ranged from an interior designer, a mommy blogger and her family, a group of friends, yoga people, and even a fashion blogger (ME!). Thankfully,  I was able to cast all these people within 2-3 weeks so we were able to get it done! The whole experience was such a journey, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.


P.S. Thanks Mazda for sponsoring my car rides throughout LA!

The First Photoshoot

For this shoot, I was pretty much behind-the-scenes until my moment as a fashion blogger/model. The 16 different models I brought together were all shot in different scenes with the various artwork for the brand. It was truly so amazing to see it all come together. We shot the different sets in this incredible loft, and I was in absolute heaven. I was able to talk and work with so many kinds of people in this industry. Besides that, I also was able to help set up and choose the overall look for the models! 

Loft that was used for the photoshoot Kasey produced on her recent LA trip

The Robbery

After such a successful first day of shooting, the team and I were all so excited to get ready for the next day. That was, until my friend’s car got broken into, and her backpack filled with tons of expensive equipment was stolen. We had no choice but to cancel the photoshoot and reschedule for the next day. 

Even though the robbery was terrifying, the whole team came together to make the best out a horrible situation (Vlog to come soon about the robbery!). I could feel the anxiety surrounding the group, so I had to think positively. For lunch, we ended up going to one of my favorite noodle places in LA called Tsujita and ate our hearts out with some incredible Japanese food. It’s tsukemen, which is a meal involving dipping noodles in soup, and it’s delicious!! After my much-craved-for noodle time, of course, I had to stop in a Japanese Plush store and get some more little cuties for my collection! Nothing makes you feel better like adorable little plushies, right?

Kasey Ma posing in the amazing loft used for the photoshoot she produced on her recent LA trip

LA ComicCon & Final Photoshoot

I was so happy that I was able to attend LA ComicCon to see the Rilakkuma mascot and the team at JellyBeet (don’t forget that you can get 10% off with promo code “THESTYLEWRIGHT”). Because the photoshoot was rescheduled for later that night, I had a couple hours prior to be able to go to Comicon.

I was so excited because it was my first time at Comicion and I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to see a lot of exciting cosplay in addition to both new and familiar kawaii plushies. In fact, I even got to come home with the cutest little red panda plush!

Right after ComicCon, I was went to go prepare for hair and makeup for the photoshoot. I was ecstatic because it was finally my turn to model. For this shoot, the makeup artist went with a more natural and rosy look for me. And then for my hair, we opted for some loose waves. After I had my princess moment, I was feeling confident and ready to go.  The crew then set up the artwork for my fashion blogger persona, and then I started shooting away.

Overall, I had such a fantastic shoot with my photographer @alexis_adam! Once the shoot was over, I celebrated with Caroline and Truck (you might know him as the talented creator of @100soft) and stuffed my face with yummy Korean BBQ!

Kasey posing at the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo

My Last Day + Exploring Little Tokyo

After the craziness of all the photoshoots (and robbery), I finally had a day to myself! I decided to go to Little Tokyo because it’s a place that I had wanted to go to forever. Besides the fact that Little Tokyo has incredible food, I also knew that Little Tokyo had a TON of plushie stores. Knowing this, I couldn’t wait to go wild on my LA trip to buy a ton of plushies! And that I did – I left with 6. Altogether, I was absolutely obsessed with Little Tokyo. Ranging from the food to the plushies, I was probably the happiest girl alive when I was there!

My LA Plush Finds

The plushies Kasey received on her trip to LA

After eating some food, I ventured off to all of the super cute plush stores in the area, including the official Sanrio store! I definitely had a huge wakeup call seeing how much cheaper the plushies were to buy here rather than playing to win them online (watch the video all about how I win plushies online HERE). So as I stated before, I got to go home with six more plush to add to my collection! I got a Cinnamoroll poodle version, a soft rolling panda and cat, a Tasty Peach Shiba Inu (from Comicon), a petit rascal (from Comicon), and finally another Cinnamoroll wearing a little bear plush.

Besides seeing all of the kawaii items, I also got to meet some awesome people within the kawaii community. The kawaii community is not as big in NYC/New Jersey, so I loved being able to geek out with like-minded people on this visit and talk about plushies and gaming.

Even though not everything went according to plan, I had such an amazing LA trip and experience! I learned so much from working behind-the-scenes, and I’m glad that I can explore all these different passions I have involved in this industry. 


Until next time!




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