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How to Save Your Relationship

Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Relationship with you SO!

Forget SOS, You Need SOR (Save Our Relationship)

Does your relationship need some SOS treatment? Well, you are not alone. In fact, it is widespread for even the most committed partners to go through times of doubt and trial. The good news being there is plenty you can do to save a relationship in danger of being dashed upon the rocks of life. Just read on to find out what the most useful strategies are. 

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Give your SO some space

Sometimes what a relationship in the midst of a storm, what you really need is a way to calm the waves. Often this can be to give your SO some space and allowing them the time they need to think through the issues you are having without it arising in conflict. 

In fact, providing enough space so that your partner can get their own feelings straight in their mind can be very effective. Much more so than insisting that any issues get resolved immediately. 

It can also be frustrating, and anxiety-provoking for the other person involved too. However, it is often worth the sacrifice as you will be able to get a much more genuine answer to the issue you’re dealing with. You can also ensure that the other person’s feelings are truly being taken into account as well. Something that if you really care for them and want to be with them in the long term, is very important. Both for their happiness, and ultimately yours as well. 

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Show you are working to make changes

Additionally, while your SO takes some time to work through any issues, you can use this opportunity to show you are working on improving the relationship. 

Of course, this will look different depending on the individual involved. With some folks choosing to go for therapy or counseling to help them resolve or get treatment for issues that are straining the relationship. 

While others will fall back onto their spiritual beliefs. Either praying or consulting religious leaders for advice. In fact, some will even choose to use things like these reconciliation spells that really work to help heal their relationship while waiting for the other person to come around. Especially if their belief system is one that is centered around magic such as Wicca or Wanga. 

Kasey Ma in Femme Luxe white top & bottom for the Saving Our Relationship advice

Getaway together

Finally, if you want to save your relationship when it is being tossed around by the storm, set aside some time to get away together. In fact, sometimes getting out of your day to day grind and into a different environment can be just enough to bring you closer together. After all, you are often away from the things and the places that could be contributing to your relationship issues. Something that means you can reconnect and remember exactly why you go together in the first place. 
Of course, choosing the right kind of getaway is pretty essential, unless you want things to go disastrously wrong. With that in mind, picking something that you know you will both enjoy, and activities that can be done together is the wisest choice. If your goal is to save your relationship and ensure you stay with your SO over the long term.

And there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed these tips & tricks! 





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