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My Top Tips for Nailing a Modeling/Commercial Acting Audition

Kasey Ma of The Style Wright posing for her headshots for her latest audition

My tips & tricks to rocking your audition and landing the agency of your dreams!

My Top Audition Tips & Tricks

I am so happy to say that I had an incredibly successful agency audition experience! I made it to the final cut and am now a part of a fantastic agency. Things turned out well for me, and I certainly did learn many tips and tricks along the way. From waiting in line for an hour and to prepping five looks for my final audition, I picked up on a lot throughout the process. 

Kasey Ma of TheStyleWright's Audition Headshot

How to Prepare for an Audition

Have Professional Headshots Ready & Printed

For most auditions or casting agency calls, you need professional headshots, including full and 3/4 body shots. This process can be crazy expensive and reach up to prices of $700 or higher. When I first applied to my now talent agency, I made the mistake of not having these photos. The agency expressed their interest in me, but told me to let them know when I had the proper professional photographs to show them. Thankfully, my photographer was able to give me discounted headshots. Once I had my headshots, I re-applied! The agency responded in about two weeks asking to meet with me in a couple of days.

As well as getting the professional shots, it usually is pretty standard to bring a printed copy of your headshots on matte photo paper. Although it may be tempting to print at home, you cannot buy most quality paper yourself! To come off as professional as possible, you should get the headshots printed for you on high quality photo paper. I had Staples do it for me for about $1.67 per sheet. Secondly, I asked them to make two copies of each photo just in case multiple casting agents wanted to look at them.

Wear Simple Makeup & Clothing

Make sure to wear normal to natural makeup so they can see your true beauty! This experience is not the time to try out that dramatic smokey eye. Instead, go for products that enhance your natural beauty like concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and blush.

For clothes, unless otherwise stated, wear simple clothing that shows off a little bit of who you are. When it comes to shoes, wear flats and bring heels just in case the casting directors ask to see you in them.

Bring an Audition Bag

Another great audition tip is that you should have a staple bag that you always carry with you. It should be big enough to fit your headshots, makeup, water bottle, snacks, or anything else you possibly think you might need. You never know if casting could want you to touch up your makeup or see you in a different outfit, and it’s always better to plan.

Lastly, you can’t be hungry or dehydrated at an audition (IT’S MISERABLE)!! Think ahead and take care of yourself by bringing some healthy snacks and a water bottle to the casting call.

My Top 5 Tips

1. Be Yourself 

Don’t stress if you feel like you didn’t get a chance to let your personality shine through. When I went through my first casting call, I couldn’t believe that I had to wait in line for an hour only to hand over my headshots and application. In my head, I thought it would be much more like an interview. As someone who has a big personality, I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to show that feature off. From what I found out, the directors usually only have a short amount of time and a ton of people to get through. Even with the limited few-minute interaction, just be your highlighted self as much as you possibly can!

2. Dress Appropriately For Your Age

One big thing I learned was how important it was to dress appropriately for your age at an audition. When a casting director is looking to hire you, they automatically start to think about what type of roles, commercials, and brands they could see you involved with as an actor/model. I overheard the CEO of the casting agency tell an older woman that she was dressed way too young for her age. It’s so important to be realistic about what age group your clothes represent.

3. Don’t Show Up to an Audition Without Makeup

I know what I wrote earlier about wearing natural makeup, but I never said not to wear ANY makeup. No matter how beautiful your makeup-free face is, putting a little bit of effort into your appearance goes a long way! Casting directors don’t want to think that you just rolled out of bed and walked into the audition! They want to hire professionals that put time and care into what they do.

4. Don’t Change Appearance Between Auditions

Another big lesson I learned was not to change up your look in between auditions. That means important things like hair color and length or even a significant tattoo or piercing. For instance, one girl at my final audition had dyed her hair a different color after her first audition with the agency. They were shocked when she showed up to the final audition with a completely different hair color. If a casting director likes the way you currently look, you should not make any changes to your appearance.

5. Showcase Your Other Skills and Talents 

Sometimes it’s important to remember that these casting agents are casting actual, well-rounded individuals, not just people who look good in photos. I was shocked to find out that my singing ability and my athletic background in swimming was a massive bonus to the agency. You never know what these directors are looking for, and maybe your unique qualities make you the perfect fit for a project! So, always make sure to include anything that might make you stand out!

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading all of my tips & tricks, and I encourage any aspiring actors/models out there to take the leap and start auditioning. You never know what could happen, and it’s such a great learning experience!



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Kasey Ma of The Style Wright posing for two headshots for her latest Audition

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