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Beauty Made Easy – 8 Quick Beauty Hacks

8 quick beauty hacks beauty made easy by beauty blogger kasey ma of thestylewright

8 beauty hacks to make your beauty routine easier

Why You Need Quick Beauty Hacks

Have you ever spent a few minutes (hours…) checking out all of the videos on beauty hacks? From using balloons to do your foundation, to using a credit card to get a straight line on your eyeliner. The thing is that for some people, these things do actually work – which is an odd thought! But that is the beauty of beauty – there is so much out there, you’re bound to find the stuff you love, and if it saves you 5 minutes or maybe even more in your daily routine then isn’t that awesome.

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Here are some cool tips for you:

1. If you are prone to eye bags from working or partying too late, then always keep a spoon in your fridge. If you can cope with it even colder, then the freezer is perfect. To reduce puffiness on the double hold it under your eyes for a few minutes.

Pantene conditioner

2. Ditch the shaving cream in favor of conditioner. No one is suggesting you need to use your fancy one, though. Even a cheap conditioner will give you great slip. And, it provides a hydration boost too. Many women enjoy the perks of this hack!

3. Super salve. If you carry balm, vaseline, hand cream and other salves/balms with you, then change to a single cover-all salve. There are a few options:

4. Not only will it save money, but it will save room as well.

5. Eye cream is a must. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it helps protects the skin too. But if you want to really make an eye cream work for you, then use it for the fine lines around your mouth also. A little dab will give a boost of moisture in an area that only gets the love from a typical face cream usually.

6. Face masks. Before you start just putting any old facemask on while you browse The Plastic Surgery Channel, think about what you want to achieve. Are you suffering from a breakout? Then get a deep clean one. Dry patches? Look for a hydrating one. It isn’t a hack so much as treating your skin to what it needs.

7. Sick of chemical make-up remover? Well, you are in luck. Simply grab a giant jar of coconut oil and use that. It will have your make-up off in no time at all. As well as being able to tackle sensitive skin, it gives a deep hydration. If you have breakouts often or are oily, then you’ll still want to cleanse after this.

Silk Slip pillowcase beauty hack

8. Swap your regular pillowcase for a silk one. It will do wonders for your face and your hair. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as your hair getting much less knotty. And the bonus is they are a dream to sleep on.


So there you have it, quick and effective hacks that anyone can use.


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8 quick beauty hacks beauty made easy by beauty blogger kasey ma of thestylewright



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