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New York Fashion Week 2019 Looks: Elie Tahari & Marsté

Find Out What I Wore for Looks 1 and 2 for New York Fashion Week September 2019!

NYFW 2019

Kasey Ma in Elie Tahari for New York Fashion Week

NYFW 2019 is finally here, and I’m breaking down my first 2 looks for you guys!

NYFW 2019 Look 1: Celebrating the Classic Style of Elie Tahari with Leather Joggers and a Silk Wrap Blouse”

Kasey Ma in Elie Tahari full body for New York Fashion Week

Elie Tahari Pearl Logan Blouse | Elie Tahari Black Zuma Pant | White Sock Sneakers | Chanel Vintage Bag | Sequin Sagittarius Necklace | Gold Choker | Sequin Turquoise Earrings | Sequin Sagittarius Bracelet | Sequin Turquoise Cuff Bracelet | Sunglasses | Watch


I have always been a fan of Elie Tahari and have been looking forward to their NYFW 2019 show. Because the show was the first day of fashion week, I visited the store a couple of days before the madness and picked out my outfit. After a fresh new haircut and glaze, I was feeling rejuvenated and ready to try on some of the current collection.

DAY 1 + LOOK 1

The day was jam-packed from the beginning starting with a trip to The Redken Styling Suite. My hair turned out perfectly thanks to the stylists at Redken, and I was ready to go to the Laurence and Chico Runway Show. This is one of my favorite shows to see because of how loud, bold, and ridiculous it is (and I mean that in the best way)! After Laurence & Chico, the next shows on the list were Tadashi Shoji and Elie Tahari.

The Elie Tahari Show was a big one for me! I sat front row at their New York Fashion Week 2019 S/S ’20 Show wearing their Logan Blouse and Zuma Pant. It was such a great opportunity to be able to pick out an outfit from the brand, and I was so honored they chose me to represent them at the show. Afterward, my video intern helped me photograph a few shots of the look so we were ready to go to the rest of our events.

The first event on the schedule was the KORRES Skincare Event. The whole event looked like we had just stepped into Greece and we were immediately surrounded by delicious pastries, drinks, and greek yogurt. After KORRES, my assistant and I went to a Hypebae Event hosted by @TheCurlyBella to customize a pair of PUMA sneakers!

Lastly, I finished up the night by watching football with (drumroll please…) Colton Underwood! You might have seen him on the previous season of The Bachelor! My assistant and I were so tired, but we made it to this event hosted by Yahoo Sports. We even managed to sneak out some little cheeseburger sliders for the road!


The look I chose was the perfect amount of edgy and feminine. When it came down to what I wanted, I knew I needed to pop off with a look that would leave a lasting impression. Because of that, I chose the Elie Tahari Black Zuma Pant. l have always loved a good jogger pant, but the shiny leather material in these caught my eye immediately. As a result, I was looking for an equally impressive blouse and I was not disappointed. To take the look to the next level, I paired the shiny, leather joggers with the Elie Tahari Pearl Logan Blouse. I couldn’t tell if it was the gorgeous silk fabric or the sexy deep V-neck cut (hello boob tape!!), but I was absolutely in love with the way it looked, and my team thought so too!

Kasey Ma showing off jewelry for New York Fashion Week


To further the look, I added a few fun accessories from one of my favorite brands, Sequin! Some of my favorite pieces from them that I wore were the Sagittarius NecklaceSagittarius Bracelet, Turquoise Cuff Bracelet, and Turquoise Earrings. Also, I paired all of these beautiful accessories with my just-as-gorgeous, beautiful classic red Chanel Handbag (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) and a pair of round black aviator sunnies (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE). My Chanel handbag was actually featured in PopSugar too! You can find the post HERE. Lastly, I finished off the accessories with this classic Burberry Watch – you can find a similar one HERE!

Kasey Ma showing off shoes for New York Fashion WeekSHOES

Finally, I finished this look with a pair of white sock sneakers (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE). Most noteworthy is the fact that @chrispyrate tried to put his own little personal touch on them. However, someone took his markers at the end of the event, so he never got to finish! But, the shoes are still fly, so I continue to wear them anyway. Come on though…I gotta show off my brand any way I can, right?!

Kasey Ma in Elie Tahari look for New York Fashion Week

NYFW 2019: Marsté Suede Jogger Pants with a Touch of Kawaii Korilakumma

Marsté Charisma Sydney Short Sleeve Tee | Marsté Suede Black Pants | Blue Suede Cecelia Booties | Sneakers | Korilakkuma Bag | K Necklace  | Camille Ring | Brook & York Bracelet | Wander Bracelet | Monica Vinander Earrings


The Riviere Agency invited me to pick out some looks, and I spotted this super-soft camo shirt and gorgeous suede pants a mile away in the showroom. Thanks to them, I was able to shoot this look ahead of time before New York Fashion Week so I didn’t have to worry about shooting in between shows/events.

DAY 2 + LOOK 2

Day 1 was so jam-packed for me that I needed to take it a little easier that day. I stayed home from my events because I was so mentally drained. Thankfully, I shared how I was feeling on my Instagram story, and I got so many supportive messages. Seriously, I’m so appreciative of everyone who reached out! I had already planned out my outfit for this day anyway, so I’m still breaking it down for you below.


Look 2 of NYFW 2019 was all about mixing a little bit of street style with a touch of my personality. The pants and top showcased my edgy style, while my Korilakkuma Bag still embodied my love of cute kawaii characters. I was incredibly happy to put together some pieces gifted from one of my favorite brands, Marsté. The grey camouflage print in this Marsté Charisma Sydney Short Sleeve Tee immediately got my attention, and I am thrilled with how well it paired with my favorite Marsté Suede Black Pants (Shop similar HERE and HERE). To top off the look, I added a Navy bomber jacket with a fur collar that I got a few months ago from Century 21 (shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE).


If you know me, you know I have quite the obsession with cute little kawaii characters. So, when I saw this adorable Korilakkuma Bag, I knew I had to get it right away. If you’re like me and love these cuties, make sure to use code “TheStyleWright” for 10% off your purchase on!

Obviously, I love getting to put a bit of my personality in my looks to showcase who I am. That being said, I LOVE a pop of color. This year, I brought back my favorite Blue Suede Cecelia Booties (shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) and I was ready to roll.

For jewelry, I wore this amazing Sequin “K” Necklace, a pair of Monica Vinader Earrings, a Jet Set Candy Wander Bracelet (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE), and a Brook & York Bracelet that I customized!

Last but not least, I was sporting my super cute Camille Ring! I also have a discount code with her brand. Get 15% off of any first time purchase on Camille Jewelry using my code “THANKYOU”. Happy shopping!


Hope you guys enjoyed my two looks from Days 1 and 2 from NYFW 2019!  Stay tuned for my next blog post to see what I wore on Days 3-4!





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Navy Bomber Jacket: Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE

Marsté Charisma Sydney Short Sleeve Tee: Shop exact HERE

Marsté Suede Black Pants: Shop exact HERE

Blue Suede Cecelia Bootie: Shop exact HERE

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And don’t forget to check out my NYFW Prep + Part 1 video on my YouTube channel below where I take you behind-the-scenes with me as I get ready for Fashion Week. I also include footage of the actual shows and events, so be sure to watch the full video for all the details!

NYFW Prep + Part 1 Video


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