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My Good Morning America Experience + Skinfix Review

Kasey Ma of thestylewright on good morning america and skinfix review

Come behind-the-scenes with me on my Good Morning America Segment for Skinfix!

Live on Good Morning America

Look ma, I was on TV!! I don’t know if you guys heard, but I was recently on Good Morning America with Skinfix! I had so much fun on GMA Daily Deals with Tory Johnson Segment to talk about my number one-go to skincare brand. This was my biggest publicity to-date, and I thought I’d share with you guys a little bit about the whole process of filming the segment, as well as the award-winning products we mentioned.

When it comes to skincare, Skinfix has been a brand that I have been a fan of for years! With that being said, I’m sure you can imagine how honored I was to be asked to co-host a segment for them on Good Morning America. The whole experience was super nerve-wracking, but I was so excited to get to talk about some of my favorite products about the company, including some of their newest launches. Besides, I couldn’t think of a better person to talk about these amazing products with than THE Tory Johnson, herself. Make sure you watch the segment on Facebook Watch HERE!

kasey ma of thestylewright getting hair and makeup done for good morning america

Behind-the-Scenes at ABC News

When I stepped inside the building of ABC news, I immediately had a whirlwind of emotions. I was a good mix of nervous and excited, but overall felt extremely grateful for the opportunity. To start the process of getting ready, I had to quickly run to the bathroom and apply my favorite Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream to get my hands camera-ready!

After that, it was time for hair and makeup! I got some amazing makeup touch-ups from the ABC News team while simultaneously receiving the perfect beach waves for my hair. Everything felt too surreal and too good to be true.

Once I was done with hair and makeup, it was time for me to prepare to go live. I was still a little jittery and nervous, but I was looking forward to what was to come.

skinfix logo

Why Skinfix?

Skinfix has been such a lifesaver for my skin. As a blogger, I get a ton of beauty products every week that I have to try. Being in this position, you find that some skin products work way more for your skin than others. I can confidently say that Skinfix has been the number one brand I rely on for resetting and rejuvenating my skin back to its healthy state.

The ProductsSkinfix Redness Recovery+ Antioxidant Redness Treatment Overnight Mask containerSkinfix Redness Recovery Antioxidant Redness Treatment Overnight Mask

Tory and I were both very excited to introduce this sleeping mask. I like to apply this mask before bed, either on top of or in place of my moisturizer. Unlike other masks where you have to wait 15-20 minutes to wash off and see results, you can sleep easy with this mask and know it’s doing wonders while you are resting. You wake up and your skin feels so refreshed and soft to the touch. Plus, it really lives up to its name taking away any redness that I might have had the night before.

skinfix cleanser container

Skinfix Barrier Foaming Oil Cleanser

I couldn’t wait to tell Tory all about my love for this cleanser! The texture feels so nice and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped of its natural oils. Another bonus is that it’s free from harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Yay for clean beauty products – am I right!?

skinfix hand cream container

Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream

The next product we discussed was this award-winning hand cream, which Tory noted that many people loved this. As someone who has genetically dry hands (thanks mom & dad), I use this product religiously! I mean, I literally put some on right before filming, so you KNOW that it’s important to me. I told Tory all about how hydrated it makes your hands feel without the greasy, sticky residue feeling that no one wants. And plus, it’s great for the not-so-glorious New York City winters that bring cold winds and drying indoor heat.

skinfix remedy balm container

SkinFix Remedy 911 Ointment

Next up, I spoke all about some emergency skin situations. A while back, I was having some dry flaky skin around the ears, and I could not believe how much this ointment helped me. With the never-ending cold and flu seasons, it’s hard to find a face cream that truly fixes all the dryness and irritation like the 911 ointment does. Putting this ointment on top of your lotion enables moisture to be locked in around the extra dry places.

lip balm cotainer

Skinfix Barrier Lip Repair Balm

I was super excited to promote this lip balm because it is absolutely one of my go-to lip products. I’m a natural gal so when applying lip balm, I don’t like to taste anything. That’s why I personally love this unflavored lip balm. It’s also a great primer for lipstick if you want to add a pop of color while staying moisturized.

skinfix glycolic renewal scrub container

Skinfix Resurface Glycolic Renewing Scrub

Next up on the list was this scrub that Tory and I both loved. I talked about how I use it every other day, especially in those hard to get spots where your skin is a little thicker and acne-prone. For me, those spots are in the middle of my forehead and chin. I explained how nice it was to have a scrub that was still gentle, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, but not stripped of moisture.

skinfix tattoo balm container

Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm

This final product is one that feels very personal and important to me. A few weeks prior, I collaborated with Skinfix to get a tattoo, and I used this tattoo balm to help me through the healing process. I told Tory how I applied it every day and experienced no itchiness, flakiness, or redness at all. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo or recently have gotten one, I HIGHLY recommend using this one!

And that’s all for today! I hope you found this experience as exciting as l did and found some new Skinfix products to add to your shopping list. Let me know in the comments below if you have any favorites from this skincare collection!

And don’t forget to check out my Good Morning America video on my YouTube channel below where I take you behind the scenes with me as I get ready for my GMA Segment. I also include footage of my Skinfix Review with Tory Johnson, so be sure to watch the full video for all the details!

I Was On Good Morning America | Skinfix Review Video


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