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My Kawaii Rilakkuma Collection Update

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Kawaii Plushies: My Rilakkuma Collection

Hello, hello again! My love for Japanese Kawaii Plushies have grown since my last blog post and this time, I’m talking all about my RILAKKUMA collection!

Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Re-ments on table

Many of you have asked for an update on how my plushie collection has grown and trust me, it definitely has (and maybe a bit too much)! In my last blog post, I talk about how I spent over $5K on my collection of kawaii plushies and well… let’s just say I’ve spent a little bit more since then and my collection is much bigger now.

As collectors, sometimes you don’t even realize how much money you’ve actually spent on collecting until you start seeing that you have almost no more room for any more. At this point, almost every crevice of my shelves is plastered with plushies and even vinyls!

But, if you’re a real collector of plushies or characters that you love, you would understand the happiness and joy that each one of them brings you. Every single time I hold one, I feel very loved and I want to give it love! They just make me so happy so, for me…it’s an investment in my mental health :-).

kasey ma of the stylewright kawaii plush collection on shelves

Difference Between Japanese & US Plushies

I collect Rilakkuma products from both Japan and the US. There are plushies that are made from Japan and they uphold a certain standard of quality. They are typically softer, stuffed more evenly, and have fewer discrepancies in the face of the characters but, Japan-made plushies tend to be more expensive. I prefer Japan made plushies, but sometimes my pocket doesn’t prefer it, so I like to mix and match them.

Some Rilakkuma plushies are also exclusive to manufacturing companies like Aliquantum International (items that are made in China). However, many of those products are exclusive releases to Aliquantum so you won’t find them in Japan. Similarly, Japan releases are not the same as China0manufactured releases. So, if you want a big variety of plushies, it’s best to collect from both for a more eclectic collection.

kasey ma of the stylewright holding chairoigokuma plush and korilakkuma bag

How I Fell In Love With Rilakkuma

It’s funny and ironic how I fell in love with Rilakkuma. At first, I didn’t think he was even that cute until my photographer introduced me to him. I started doing more research and ended falling for his face.  After discovering his story and digging into all the characters, it was a wrap. I couldn’t get away from them.

Rilakkuma bag korilakkuma bag chairoigokuma neck pillow on sofa

The Rilakkuma Origin Story

Rilakkuma is a fictional character produced by the company San-X and created by Aki Kondo in 2003. Rilakkuma is known to spend his day relaxing and he has a zipper on his back that he’s known for.

We don’t know if he’s actually a bear inside or if he’s a human inside. If you watch the show Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix, you’ll see that his costume is hung up on a drying rack, but it never shows who is sleeping in the bed so that’s always a mystery!

rilakkuma laying on stomach


One day Rilakkuma appears at Kaoru’s apartment, who is a female office worker in Japan. They become friends and Kaoru winds up taking care of him.

korilakkuma waving hands with hearts


Korilakkuma, a white bear who is much small and possibly a female, also shows up at Kaoru’s apartment. She has a red button on her chest which she is known for. We also don’t know who exactly she is. Is she a real bear or a fake bear?

kiiroitori angry face


Then there’s Kaoru’s pet yellow bird name Kiiroitori. Kiiroitori loves to clean and gets easily agitated when the house is disheveled, dusty, or growing mushrooms. He is super cute and I love the way he chirps throughout the show. He is also permitted to leave his cage at any time to take care of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.



A new bear was introduced in 2016 named Chairoikoguma. Korilakkuma finds him in the forest one day and befriends him immediately. Chairoikoguma is a brown honey bear with defined fangs and bear-shaped honey patches on his feet and rear. His chest is always white and hairy. It’s so specific but it’s so cute!

rilakkuma and kaoru netflix show

If you wanted to check out the show, it’s called Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix. It’s a stop motion animated series so it’s very different from the cartoons that are out there right now. It’s unbelievable how much work was put into each episode and it’s really well made!

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And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Rilakkuma, his friends, and my never-ending obsession with kawaii products!

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