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6 Hidden Gems in Bali

6 Hidden Gems in Bali, Indonesia on the Travel section on Kasey Ma's Blog

Where To Go in Bali, Indonesia

Why You Should Visit Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most visited islands in the world. With its picturesque beaches, delicious food and friendly people, we can see why people visit again and again. It’s a small island but there are still lots of hidden gems to discover. That’s why it’s good to plan early so you can get the most out of this trip of a lifetime – 1Cover’s Bali Survival Guide is a good place to start. We’ve listed a few of our favourite hidden gems below:

Uluwatu Temple Dance - hidden gem in Bali Indonesia

1. Visit Uluwatu Temple for a traditional dance ceremony at sunset

One of the most unique aspects of Balinese culture are the traditional dances, particularly the Kecak Fire Dance show with thundering male vocals. At Uluwatu Temple, on the south-eastern part of the island near Seminyak, you’ll have the opportunity to see it in all it’s glory overlooking the ocean as the sun goes down. The cliff-top amphitheatre has tiered seating surrounding a stage, where you can enjoy the gorgeous view while the show takes place.

Suluban Cave in Bali Indonesia

2. Suluban Cave

Suluban is usually known as one of the best surfing spots in Bali, but if you explore the coastline a little bit, you’ll be rewarded with the spectacular Suluban Cave. The cave is hidden by natural limestone formations, but by walking along a boardwalk past some bars and cafes, and climbing over some rocks, you’ll find a secluded spot to spend the day.

Temple of Lempuyang in Bali Indonesia

3. Lempuyang Luhur Temple

This temple is one of the most sacred in Bali and one of the most difficult to get to. Located in East Bali, it will take you around 2 hours to hike to it, conquering 1,700 steps on the way, but we promise it’s worth it. It’s function is to protect Bali and the Balinese from evil spirits, and many Balinese will climb its heights on a pilgrimage.

Green Cliffs and Little Grotto - hidden gem in Bali Indonesia

4. The Green Cliffs and Little Grotto of Undisan Bangli

This hidden gem is truly one of the most secluded on our list and you’ll need to be committed to reach it. After hiking through miles of lush forest, you’ll come across towering cliffs covered in green moss. If you follow these cliffs along and dive into the water, you’ll discover the grotto hidden inside. It’s a perfect spot to be at one with nature and maybe even practice some meditation.

Angel’s Billabong natural infinity pool in Bali Indoenesia

5. Angel’s Billabong natural infinity pool

This is a truly spectacular way to experience Bali, and it’s a spot none of the local Balinese people want you to know about. Located in Nusa Penida, this natural infinity pool has crystal clear water and makes for an idyllic place to relax in. You’ll need to climb down a coral wall to access the pool and be careful of waves crashing in – it’s best to go at low tide!

The Broken Sea in Bali Indonesia

6. The Broken Sea

Located in Pasih Uwug, this hidden gem is a pretty cool geological wonder. At first, you’ll see a natural arch in the coastline, but venture a little further in and you’ll see that this used to be a gigantic cave! The floor of the cave collapsed, creating the arch and allowing the sea water in. This created the natural pool you can see today and even go swimming in.


Hope you guys enjoyed what Bali has to offer in this travel guide and let me know if you plan on booking a trip there soon!

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