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Scalp Treatment for Itchy and Dry Scalp

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright gets organic scalp treatment for itchy and dry scalp

How I treated my dry scalp and how you can to!

My Experience With Dry Scalp

If you’ve ever experienced dry and itchy scalp, you know how uncomfortable and unpleasant it is to deal with. Dry scalp has always been an issue for me but, the irritation and itchiness didn’t start until half a year ago. Over time, it got progressively worse and I knew there was a bigger underlying issue. The tipping point was when my hair stylist stopped mid-way while doing my hair, looked at me in the mirror while pointing to the back of my head, and said, “Ew, scalp treatment”.

It was at this very moment that I knew I needed scalp treatment for itchy and dry scalp.

What is Dry Scalp?

Dry scalp occurs when the scalp does not produce oil or have enough moisture in the skin. When this happens, it can cause itching, flaking, irritation, and cause your hair to look dry. Oil plays an important role in your scalp health because it helps condition the hair and lubricate the skin. Similar to dry skin, dry air (especially in the winter), excessive washing, and skin conditions like eczema can cause dry scalp.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common skin condition that causes the scalp to flake and it appears in the hair and even clothing. Some of the potential causes of dandruff include fungal infections, oil secreted by the scalp, sensitivity to hair products and other scalp infections. In contrast to dry scalp, dandruff can cause an oily scalp and cause your hair to look greasy.

Differences Between Dry Scalp & Dandruff

So, how do you treat both conditions? First off, it’s important to know the differences between dandruff and a dry scalp because it can help you choose the right treatment.

Dandruff and dry scalp both cause itchiness, irritation, and redness in the scalp, however, the two conditions are very distinct from each other. Dry scalp flakes are usually smaller and whiter in color. Whereas dandruff flakes are typically larger and may have a yellowish tint. While dandruff is unlikely to improve without treatment due to a fungal infection, a dry scalp may improve with less frequent hair washing.

For me, I had a feeling I suffered from dry scalp. I’m the worst at anything D-I-Y, so I wanted to seek professional treatment. I was lucky enough to find Hair Repair Bar by Giojė in New York City, a hair salon that actually specializes in scalp treatment and restoration of hair back to its normal health. So, I knew I had to get my butt over there, IMMEDIATELY. And so I made an appointment and went.

Interior of Hair Repair Bar by Gioje Salon

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright uses hair analyzing machine for dry scalp

As soon as I arrived, I was given a consultation and a thorough inspection of my scalp to see what was actually going on underneath all that hair. While using a hair analyzing machine that magnifies 300 times, I found that there was severe irritation and redness on my scalp in the same area that my hairstylist pointed out. So, we got down to business and started my treatment right away!

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright gets protein mask treatment for dry scalp

My treatment started off with moisture scalp therapy oil which is supposed to help rejuvenate my hair and soothe the irritation and redness on my scalp. The moisturizing oil on my scalp made a fun, minty sensation due to the peppermint ingredient, and it was quite relaxing!

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Kasey Ma of The StyleWright sits under hair steamer for dry scalp treatment

Next, my hair specialist massaged the moisturizing oil into my hair and my scalp was ready for a warm steam session. The steam session helped the oil penetrate deep into my scalp for maximum results.

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright gets hair done by hair stylist

After a thorough rinse off and blow out, my scalp felt like it re-born again. I noticed the difference immediately and my scalp has never felt better. I am so thankful for Hair Repair Bar by Giojė for bringing my scalp back to life. It was something that I never knew I needed and I’m so glad I found it! If you are interested in getting your scalp analyzed and treated, go to the NYC salon and mention me to get 15% off all services! You can also get all Giojė products for 15% off with code “Kasey911HairRepair”!

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed a behind-the-scenes experience for my scalp treatment for itchy and dry scalp! And don’t forget to check out my Scalp Treatment vlog on my YouTube channel below where I take you into the salon for a closer look!

My Dry Scalp Treatment Vlog


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Kasey Ma of The StyleWright gets organic scalp treatment for itchy and dry scalp

  • Navya

    Great job at explaining the difference between dandruff and dry scalp, Kasey! The number of people who confuse the two is very high and making a distinction is essential because the treatment for the two are completely different. Though there is a silver lining, most spa places offer both treatments!

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