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My Breast Augmentation Journey

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright Breast Augmentation Journey

From my surgery day to my recovery period, I share the nitty gritty of the behind the scenes of my journey

A New Woman

As I look back on my breast augmentation journey, I have no regret making my experience public to the world. Being able to support and empower women to make these types of decisions is by far the most rewarding part of being an influencer. In this day and age, we have the responsibility as women to lift each other up more than ever before. Self-love and confidence are unique to everyone and there is no shame in how you want to embody that.

I was yearning to feel like the woman that I deserved to be and regardless of my circumstances and potential backlash from the people around me, I made it happen. Yes, I DID THAT. As I conclude my series on my breast augmentation journey, I hope to inspire other women to love themselves first and live their best life with confidence.

Chapter 3: Surgery Day + Post-Op Day 1 to Day 6

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright Breast Augmentation Journey Chapter 3 Surgery DayWATCH CHAPTER 3 HERE

The day that I have been dreaming about for so long has arrived! I get prepped for surgery and take you with me behind the scenes with Dr. Kim. We go into the ACTUAL surgery room (some graphic scenes, but they are censored!) for an exclusive look at my breast augmentation procedure. My first week of post-op recovery during my breast augmentation journey was quite a challenge. Due to extreme soreness and pain, I had difficulty doing even the most basic things like flushing the toilet and picking up a spoon! WATCH CHAPTER 3 HERE!

Chapter 4: Post-Op Recovery Aftercare + Tips

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright Breast Augmentation Journey Chapter Recovery TipsWATCH CHAPTER 4 HERE

Surgery is finally done and the long road to recovery begins! I fly back home to New York and share my post-op recovery tips and my top recommended breast augmentation aftercare products (see below for my suggested products!). From massaging techniques to risks involved to scar treatment to bra tips, I give you the breakdown of my entire recovery process in my breast augmentation journey. WATCH CHAPTER 4 HERE!

Chapter 5: Feelings + Afterthoughts

Kasey Ma of The StyleWright Breast Augmentation Journey Chapter 5 AfterthoughtsWATCH CHAPTER 5 HERE

My breast augmentation journey has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. From building the courage to make this life-changing decision to embracing my new enhancements, I share my afterthoughts in my 6-week post-op update. Watch Chapter 5 to see if I regretted the decision or if I was completely happy with how things turned out!


Products Purchased for During my Breast Augmentation Journey:

Sports Bra I Wear Every Day for 3 Months for Post-Op Compression (super affordable (2 for $16.99 and comfy!)

Scar Silicone Gel to Help with Post-Op Scars (what I use every day – works wonders)

Skin Therapy Oil to Help with Post-Op Stretch Marks (I also use this every day)





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Kasey Ma of The StyleWright Breast Augmentation Journey

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