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5 Amazing Reasons to Have a Bachelorette Weekend in Bucharest

Plan the perfect bachelorette weekend in bucharest

Suggestions For Having a Bachelorette Party Abroad

Have you ever thought about having a bachelorette party in Bucharest? If you have never considered it before, you definitely should, since Bucharest is the fastest growing capital for bachelorette parties! There is, of course, an excellent reason for that. Bucharest offers a range of activities during your bachelorette weekend, which you can indulge to your heart’s desire

Whether you’re looking for the wildest party of your life or a comfortable and stylish entertainment for true ladies, Bucharest has it all. So, without further ado, here are five reasons for spending a Bucharest bachelorette according to your taste…

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Things You Get to See

If you would prefer to have a new experience during your bachelorette party weekend in Bucharest, besides celebrating with your friends, look no further! Bucharest stag do parties are one of the most favored by men and party options for the ladies are just the same, if not better! This amazing city offers a lot of sightseeing and historical sights. You can explore while you stroll the quaint Old Town streets and brutalist boulevards. From ancient churches and monasteries to beautiful gardens, you are sure to get a bang for your buck in one of the party capitals of Eastern Europe.

Tasty Evening Meals

So, are you a foody and prefer exquisite meals rather than night clubs? Excellent! Bucharest bachelorette adventures are not dedicated solely to partying. Enjoying a well-prepared evening meal is one of the perks of Bucharest’s cultural charms! Trying something new and tasty during your stay is an excellent way to remember your final days before tying the knot. We especially recommend Romanian domestic meals for dinner, since they are exceptionally delicious!

Exquisite Wine Offers

Bucharest bachelorette parties cannot go without some fine wine! That is why we highly recommend wine tasting tours in Bucharest! You certainly cannot miss this opportunity, especially if you’re looking for a memorable experience that is teeming with class and style. Every true lady should know a thing or two about wine. Bucharest is an excellent urban destination to learn about it. Avid wine lover or not, it would be a shame to miss out on this enology adventure Romania’s capital has to offer!

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No Party like a Cruise Party!

There isn’t a more unique way of celebrating than taking part on a cruise – not to mention a luxurious yacht cruise! A stylish bachelorette party will be perfectly complemented with a yacht cruise in Constanta. Constanta is an urban place next to the Black Sea not far away from Bucharest. If you prefer enjoying the salty breeze, partying or just chilling and relaxing, cruise tours will be a perfect addition to your bachelorette weekend itinerary.

Relaxing Spa

Feeling stressed because of everything you have to do to arrange your wedding? Got a hangover after one of your bachelorette night outs with your friends? There is a way to spend your bachelorette party in which you can forget all about stress. Located 20 minutes from a center of Bucharest, the Therme Bucuresti will offer you a relaxation you have always dreamed of! This will definitely boost your energy levels and crown your entire journey.

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Once Again, Why Should You Spend Your Bachelorette in Bucharest?

If you still haven’t decided where to spend your bachelorette party, we are reminding you that Bucharest is becoming one of the hottest destinations for that noble purpose. Along with amazing nightlife and wild parties, there are millions of reasons to grace Bucharest with your presence. With this in mind, you cannot deny the fact that your Bucharest bachelorette weekend will be stylish, exciting, unique and memorable.





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