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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – How I Shopped With Only $500!

Shop the nordstrom anniversary sale

How I Shopped the Nordstrom Sale for Less than $100 a Piece

Learning The Hard Lesson – Nordstrom Anniversary Realization

GUYS, I freaking SUCK. I machine-washed ALL my “hand-wash only” items that I’ve been piling up in a delicates garment bag because I thought I could get away with it. There were items I’ve been collecting since the winter that I was just too lazy to hand wash. I normally collect them all, cold wash them in the laundry machine, and then hang dry them. Well, GUESS WHAT – that did NOT work this time. As I collected my laundry out of the washer, I was crying because each item of clothing had a bajillion pieces of lint on it (because I mixed my sweaters in, duh), had most of their seams ripped open, had leather cracked, and delicate material ruined in some shape or form. I was DEVASTATED. Years of shopping expensive items (when I had a job of course), were just gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Did I cry? Yes. Did I throw a fit? Absolutely.

Positive Thinking – Wardrobe Refresh

Once I got myself together, I tried to look at this situation in a positive way. Since I’ve become more of a lifestyle blogger, I don’t get as many free clothes as I used to, so my closet definitely needed some updating. I’m such a cheap, bargain lady, so I never buy things full price, and with me being so busy lately, it was just too tedious to go coupon-clipping. But, since this recent incident, I had to call an SOS and cry for help. I needed a closet refresh, pronto. And I wanted to invest in some statement and staple pieces, but I told myself one thing: Keep each item under $100 and the shopping haul to under $500 total. And what better way to shop than to pick from the current Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I usually can NEVER afford anything from Nordstrom, but with prices up to 50% off, I HAD to look, And look I did. And then I bought.

Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale For Under $100!

With that said, here are the many pieces I added to my Nordstrom bag. Everything linked here is under $100. Most are under $50. I first started with $1,500 in my shopping cart, and then I was able to choose only the pieces I really liked to get to the $500. And I was able to buy EIGHT QUALITY pieces for only $500! I was so happy.

So, here are the pieces that I fell in love with for almost $500… $510.20 to be exact. Not bad. Scroll right to see them all!


And THEN…here are the rest of my FAVORITE pieces I adored (All edgy, classy and with a touch of femininity), but didn’t have an extra $1,000 for. But, whatever your budget, below are some clothes you can pick out all for under $100 (most under $50)…and that’s difficult to do at Nordstrom! There’s a ton of transitional pieces down below that are perfect for wearing until the early Fall. Happy shopping!



I hope you guys enjoyed my shopping list! And hurry, be sure to buy fast before prices spike back up on August 5th!





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Shop the nordstrom anniversary sale

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