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Want a Focused Mind? Try Decluttering Your Home.

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright

How to Improve Your Daily Concentration by Decluttering

Being Focused Requires an Organized Space

Believe it or not – the way to a focused mind is a clutter-free home. You’d be surprised at how much an organized room will not only free up space physically, but it will also allow you to think more clearly and become more productive. If you are a full-time blogger or freelancer like me, or you’re a stay-at-home mom, or do anything that requires you to be at home for hours, read on for tips to a clutter-free zone and how I got there.

I Used to Be a Neat Freak

I used to be so OCD with many things growing up and especially throughout college. I would put away every piece of clothing after I wore them, washed every dish after cooking and eating, to even putting my college folders and books straight on my desk at all times. I needed to be organized in my home otherwise there would be this annoying uneasiness inside of me that would tell me something was off.

And then, the messiness of the love of my life entered into my world: my current boyfriend. 4 year ago, he was basically living in my space, and like most men, he would leave his dirty dishes everywhere and throw his clothes on top of the few pieces of furniture I had in my cramped studio. I was going bonkers. I tried to “train him” into being tidy, but barely anything worked. (He eventually got better).

It was about this time when I began my first full-time career in fashion merchandising. Out of nowhere, I started to become messy. All of a sudden, the time I had spent tidying up and cleaning every day was diminishing, and I soon began to throw my clothes all over the couch and leave dirty dishes everywhere. I simply ran out of time to declutter my life because I was so busy trying to perform well at my first full-time job.

The Messy Situation

Fast-forward to this day, and I still have that OCD-girl inside of me, but until recently, it didn’t quite show in my apartment. Life got in the way, long-term illnesses started occurring in my family, and now I am suffering with chronic pain. I felt like my life was mess – and I realized it was my turn to help myself.

I knew that the first step to thinking more clearly was to get rid of the junk I had lying around my apartment. My family had just moved out of our childhood home, so they packed up ALL my stuff from a 6-bedroom house and dumped it into my 1-bedroom apartment. Every day I’d come home to a nightmare because I was greeted with ginormous moving boxes in the middle of my living room.

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright

How I Began Decluttering with Horderly

I started reading this amazing book by Marie Kondo called, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” This brilliant Japanese cleaning consultant wrote a step-by-step guide to simplifying, organizing, and storing. One line I will always remember from her book was this: “If it doesn’t spark joy, throw it away.” I was then so inspired to declutter my home after I read her book. (You can buy the book on Amazon HERE.)

Even though I was mentally ready to reorganize my home, I was still so overwhelmed with all the clutter and didn’t know where to begin. Thanks to Jamie, the founder of the professional organizing company, Horderly, my journey to cleanliness was able to begin again. Sometimes, when things get overwhelming to tackle alone (like my cleaning process), you need another person to assist you and hold you accountable. And Jamie did just that.

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright
Compiling Donation Boxes

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright

In just 4 hours, Jamie was able to help me sort out ALL my junk from my childhood home. We created boxes and garbage bags full of donatable items that I later took to my local Salvation Army over the weekend. In addition, she helped me clean some shelf space and organized my mementos into these amazing stackable, plastic boxes that make my stuff easy to find. You can buy them from the Container store here.

With all this organization and decluttering with Jamie, I now have my dining room back, a dedicated study space, and a dedicated music area. Originally, the music and study space were flip-flopped, but I decided that once everything was cleaned up, that I wanted to have my desk against the wall for better concentration. Jamie helped stir up the momentum of getting me and my home organized and clutter-free!

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright
After: Behind the Couch Part 2

Jamie has helped me so much in starting my journey to bettering myself. I’m going through a lot right now (if you had read in my last blog post), and I have her to thank for initiating my active steps towards self-care and a calmer lifestyle. I am now focusing better when I work, and my boyfriend and I are thrilled about our dedicated music area.

If you’re looking to turn your life right side up, book a session with Horderly – you will not regret it!

Designing With Ease

Here are the designated music and work areas that I formed after Jamie left. Thanks to her, I was able to reorganize my space with ease and to my liking! (Yes, those are a bunch of Disney plushies near my desk. I’m a child at heart. Leave me alone.)

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright
Designated Workspace
Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright
Designated Music Area

Tips on Decluttering

And if you wanted to get started on your own, here’s some quick decluttering tips, provided by Jamie herself:

  1. Go through each item 1 by 1 and decide “keep, toss, donate” – Make sure donations are leaving your house as soon as possible
  2. Stay true to your style  Ask yourself “do you love it, would you wear it, would you buy it now?” You want to be able to “shop your own closet”!
  3. Keep the “best of the best” – i.e. if you have 20 mementos from your grandma, consider keeping only 2 of the best things instead
  4. Take photos of items to remember them instead of physically keeping it
  5. Create “zones” in your home when organizing – i.e. I created a “music” ,”study”, and “memento” area
  6. Use containers with lids to sort items and keep them in good condition – We used these super-affordable ones and you can buy the larger size HERE and smaller size HERE. If you don’t like these options and would rather buy online w/o ridiculous shipping, scroll down for alternatives that will work just as nicely.
  7. Label each bin so that you remember what all you have – i.e. mom mementos, personal memento, photos, etc.
  8. Hire a professional to make the process easier – You get rid of much more when someone is there asking simple questions and holding you accountable
  9. Create a home for everything – When everything has an exact home, it is easier to make sure things get put back, causing less clutter in your home 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful!

Now, let’s see you clean your homes !!





P.S. If you can’t get to a Container Store and because shipping is ridiculously expensive, I’ve linked some from Amazon, that you can easily order online! I also included the book by the amazing Marie Kondo who really inspired me to live a decluttered lifestyle.

This post was created in partnership with Horderly. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Declutter Organizing Horderly Kasey Ma TheStyleWright Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

Now, SHOP AWAY and get to DECLUTTERING and FOCUSING again!

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – Buy on Amazon HERE

Drop Front Shoe Boxes: Buy HERE and HERE

Stackable Clear Containers with Lids: Buy HERE, HERE, and HERE

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  • Kartik Sharma

    Hi Kasey,
    Your post about de-cluttering and focusing, perfectly manages to establish a relationship between your mind and your house. It was really an useful and informative post
    Thanks for sharing

  • Alessandro

    I love this article ! I have never been a control freak or an OCD-guy, studying or working in a messy area isn’t the best option. Currently my wife and I are working as bloggers and the room we spend most of our working time in has to be decluttered; if it gets cluttered, I notice concentration starts to be affected negatively. I had never heard of Horderly before; I am sure her tips are valuable !

    • Kasey

      Thanks so much Alessandro! It’s so true how inefficient and distracted you become when your place is cluttered. Cluttered eyes call for a cluttered mind!

  • Echo

    I love this! We are currently going through a remodel and the clutter and mess are driving me crazy! It is totally true how much a clean and organized space helps the creative juices flow and just how much more productive you are with a clean space.

    • TheStyleWright

      Yes it’s certainly true! I encourage you to look at these tips and read Marie Kondo’s book to help kickstart your journey after remodeling. I know how that feels – I’ve been there!

  • Star

    This is so satisfying for me to see! I’m such an ocd best freak, Monica from Friends has nothing on me lol. Never heard of Horderly before. Will have to pay this forward and tell my sis about it 😉 great post xx

    • TheStyleWright

      Yes of course!! Tell Horderly of my recommendation – maybe she’ll give your sis a sweet deal. 🙂

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