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My 1st Hotel Collaboration at the Vintage Culver Hotel in LA

Taking a Step Back in History

My Yearn for Being a Wanderlust

I always was a travel bug – itching for the next adventure and always wanting to move, move, move. I would become bored with normalcy and routine, and instead craved the facets of change and new experiences. Somehow, the steady paycheck and the stable job just weren’t enough to keep me content – I needed more. I was young and restless, so I knew that as soon as I quit my full-time job to become a full-time blogger, I needed to travel.

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

After my 3-week long trip to Hong Kong, I booked my first trip to Los Angeles. I’ve always heard such beautiful things about the constant sunny weather and bright smiles on people’s faces. Plus, I had tons of friends who moved there and I wanted to visit them in their new homes.

Now, I had a place to stay as my friends offered me their apartments and cars to drive around, but with my love for travel, I also wanted to try new hotels in the area. I was fortunate enough to be accommodated at two boutique hotels – Beverly Terrace and Culver Hotel. I will round up another article for my LA Travel Guide to include my thoughts on both, but because The Culver Hotel was so exquisite, I am dedicating this blog post solely to The Culver Hotel.

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

The Culver Hotel

Think “classic meets contemporary and vintage style reimagined.” As I entered the Grand Lobby after I valeted my car, I was in awe of the gorgeous 1920s European décor. I could not believe how stunning the hotel was already. To my right was their restaurant and bar decorated with vintage glamor – it felt like I went back in time to a movie from 100 years ago.

As I ascended to the second floor where I would check in, I was greeted with more beautiful wall art, colorful velvet couches, and rustic rotary phones. It’s as though I had entered this oasis of rich history that allowed me to settle in and appreciate history for once. Growing up in New York City, life is constantly about moving forward and being a part of the hustle 24-7 – but here, I finally had time to breathe and look backwards.

Maya Mallick, the Creative Director of the Hotel, did a wonderful job of reviving this historic landmark which “had been dormant for decades.” 10 years ago, she purchased this building with the goal of restoring the vintage 1920s vibe in a modern way. From what I have experienced, she has successfully revitalized this iconic flatiron building into a world of classic style through not only aesthetics, but related events, dining, and music.

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style

On top of the spectacular interior design, the Culver Hotel has a restaurant, bar and a beautiful lounge to enjoy delicious cocktails and bites. I could have literally stayed all day and night inside the hotel as there is so much to do!

The Guest Rooms & Customer Service

As I finished checking in with a warm welcome from the concierge, I couldn’t wait to see the rooms. I got the Junior Suite and as soon as I opened the door, I was in complete awe. There were two neatly-made Queen size beds for my friend and I, a personal welcome note, champagne, cookies, and a $50 voucher for drinks and food at the Hotel. Customer service so far was excellent.

The room, just like the hotel, was decorated with vintage feels, but there was definitely a more modern aesthetic with the newly-painted white walls and asymmetric angles of the room itself. There was a large antique wooden armoire to stow away my clothes, a modern desk to work, and a classic velvet couch similar to the ones placed around the hotel. The bathroom had a bright feel and was decorated with a 1920s-styled shower, tub, and sink. Everything around me was beautiful and it felt like I was living in an historic dream.

Culver hotel Kasey ma the stylewright los angeles hotels nyc fashion style


All of these aspects of interior and exterior design and customer service made for a wonderful stay during my trip to LA. This hotel is extremely Instagram-able and photographable which made my photos turn out amazing. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is visiting LA and would without question, come back here again to enjoy this haven. Thank you, Culver Hotel, for such a wonderful experience.


Stay tuned for my LA Travel Guide coming soon!





This post was made in partnership with the Culver Hotel. All ideas and opinion expressed are completely my own. Quoted phrases were taken directly from The Culver Hotel media kit.


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