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Do’s and Dont’s of Naturally Beautiful Skin

Dos and Don’ts of Naturally Beautiful Skin

Dos and Don’ts of Naturally Beautiful Skin kasey ma thestylewright

Not that caking on makeup isn’t absolutely fun, but once it becomes a chore that you have to do every day just to feel pretty, then it loses all meaning. What is supposed to be a creative little way to enhance your best features and feel pampered becomes an obligation that only serves to make you more insecure.

Natural beauty is, above all, confidence. It’s being certain of the fact that we look good, that we are beautiful, and that our skin is lovely and radiant at any time of day, makeup or no makeup. But how do we accomplish that? How do we get that Hollywood smoothness, that lush softness of beautiful skin? Is it out of reach for us regular women? Absolutely not! Gals, all you need are some good habits and you’ll be glowin’ in no time!

Don’t: wear low-quality clothes

Synthetic, plastic-y materials don’t allow your skin to breathe, and this can easily lead to profuse sweating and clogged pores. Wear lighter, breathable materials made of natural fibers that allow air to reach your skin and this way you can prevent unpleasant things like back acne.

Do: pamper yourself with masks

Dos and Don’ts of Naturally Beautiful Skin

Here’s a sweet face mask, one of the famous Aussie beauty secrets that we’re currently enjoying: 1 tbsp of Australian red clay, 1 tbsp of yoghurt, 1 tsp of olive or castor oil. Mix it all together until it’s a smooth paste, apply to a cleansed face, and leave on for 20 minutes. This will brighten your complexion, regulate sebum, and nourish your skin!

Don’t: go to bed with makeup on

Not even once, not even when you’re really tired. Trust us, the clogged pores and a million breakouts aren’t worth it, so if you tend to come back home exhausted, at least keep a pack of makeup-removing wipes next to your bed to rub away whatever’s on your face.

Do: wear sunscreen

Dos and Don’ts of Naturally Beautiful Skin

The best anti-aging product, ladies! Sunscreen is a great way to prevent wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, so use it every day if you want youthful skin for a long time. Trust us, if you create a habit of wearing SPF regularly while you’re in your twenties, your skin will thank you once you’re in your fifties.

Don’t: cover up all the time

Do you know why countries like Italy, Australia, and the Maldives are so full of hot, fit people who look amazing in a bathing suit? Because they are in bathing suits most of the time! If you keep wearing baggy, shapeless things all the time you’ll never get to enjoy the beauty of your own body. You need some confidence boosting, and one of the ways to do it is to walk around your apartment in a skimpy bathing suit – you’ll be inspired to exercise more often and transform yourself into a sexy Australian beach babe!

Do: sculpt your body

Another thing Aussie gals do to stay so slim, toned, and beautiful? Besides exercising, beauty procedures such as coolsculpting and dermal fillers are really favored by the ladies of all ages. In fact, Coolsculpting in Perth is so popular that people are starting to forget all about liposuction, because liposuction is a surgical treatment, while coolsculpting is safer and non-invasive. Combine this with exercise and you’ve got a great way to shape your body just the way you like.

Don’t: pop your pimples

We get why people do it – it sometimes makes the pimple heal faster, and it’s really uncomfortable to get out of the house with a bulging red mark on your face. However, popping pimples will leave scars and hyper-pigmentation marks on your skin, and it also spreads the infection and leads to even more of them showing up a few days later.

Dos and Don’ts of Naturally Beautiful Skin

Do: pick the right skincare

If your skin is really dry, then face oils and heavier creams will make it lush and soft, but if you’re oily and struggle with shine control, it’s likelier that a light, gel-based moisturizer with a mattifying effect will work much better. One of the mighty weapons in your beauty strategy should definitely be a good serum, especially something that’s vitamin C based. This is a short little added step that makes a huge difference, and any woman can benefit from incorporating it into her routine.

The gist of it all? Pamper yourself, darlings, and stay consistent with your beauty care. You deserve the best, and the fastest way to lovely skin are good habits and the confidence to enjoy your own natural beauty.




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