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Coffee Date: Sweet Moment NYC

The Only Thing Sweeter Than Their Desserts, Is Their Latte Art!

Our Very First Coffee Date!

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me can tell you that coffee is very, very, very important to me. Coffee to me is a whole spiritual experience, or at least I think it should be. I love the whole experience surrounding a good cup of joe-coffee culture if you will! Besides, I have a ridiculous coffee addiction; blame it on my Colombian heritage, I swear it’s in my genes!

Coffee addiction aside, I’m so excited to announce that this is the VERY FIRST POST in The StyleWright’s new series: Coffee Dates with Pam! I’m making my way through NYC visiting the latest, greatest and most unique coffee shops the Big Apple has to offer. Then, I’m going to tell you all about it! So, grab your favorite mug and your comfiest sweater and join me for our very first coffee date.

Sweet Moment Coffee

Savoring Some Sweet Moment(s)

With a motto like “Come Join Us For Your Sweetest Moments” it’s not hard to see why Sweet Moment NYC appeals to just about everyone. Compared to other shops, Sweet Moment is on the larger side and offers ample seating room.  Located right between Soho and Little Italy, this cute shop is the perfect mix of Instagram and work friendly. While it does get busy, the noise level at the shop is relatively low. They also play music in the background, but it’s very soft and easy to listen to. There are a decent amount of plugs available throughout the shop, too. Wifi isn’t available yet, but the baristas told us that they are working on setting up a network for customers.  

Order for Pam!

Besides a great staff and cute little shop, Sweet Moment NYC’s delicious and beautifully presented treats really help them stand out. During our visit, my friend and I ordered a Nutella Banana waffle to share. It was delicious and picture perfect! The waffle was the right balance of crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I also ordered a cappuccino for myself (10/10, it was so good!) and a Matcha latte with soy milk for my friend. Besides soy milk, Sweet Moment also offers Almond, Oat, and Coconut milk, making it very friendly for the dairy-free crowd.

Aside from a variety of delicious waffles, Sweet Moment also has a bunch of unique items on their menu. Some of their most popular unique items include their Milk Shaved Ice and Bingsoo. They also release limited time beverages every month or so, each following a theme based on the time of year. For customers who aren’t craving coffee, they also have a selection of teas and tea-based beverages available. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Sweet Moment. It was just the kind of coffee shop that satisfies my soul, and I was able to fully enjoy my spiritual cup of coffee with no grievances. I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip there (I hope I get one of the cute bears on my cappuccino!). For more information or #coffeegoals, check out Sweet Moment’s photos on Instagram: @SweetMomentNYC

Until our next coffee adventure,



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