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The October Finale #OOTD: My Halloween Costume as a Ringmaster


Watch out everyone.


Halloween Ringmaster

Ringmaster Costume

Ringmaster for Halloween 2017

The Tradition

Every year, Halloween’s all about the parties, the candy, and of course, the combination of funny, sexy, and scary costumes. Whether someone is Wonder Woman, Dracula, or DIY’s it with a play on “Netflix and Chill”, everyone’s bound to get together with their friends and family and have a spectacular (or should I say ‘spooktacular’)  time.

Halloween Ringmaster Costume

Halloween Ringmaster Costume

Halloween Ringmaster Costume Kasey Ma
Taking a Breather

This year, I am omitting myself from the craziness of alcoholic opportunities due to my inability to recover post-celebration nights…however, I thoroughly indulged myself in a Halloween-themed photoshoot. (*cough cough* this one in particular).

My Halloween Costume Decision as Ringmaster

This Halloween, I chose this amazing [Ring Leader/Ringmaster costume] and just had a BLAST shooting the costume. Then I put on the closest thing I had to a [top hat] in my closet, these beautiful [over-the-knee boots], this gorgeous [lipstick] and [eyelashes] and called it a day! I even invited my photographer to be in a couple of shots with me too since he had a full-on Samurai outfit ready in the trunk of his car.

Halloween Ringmaster Costume Kasey Ma

Halloween Ringmaster Costume Kasey Ma

Halloween Ringmaster Costume

Photography Credit: Ben Stone

Anyways…everyone enjoy your Halloween and have fun! Don’t eat too much candy and keep the kids safe (whether they are yours or not) :-).

To hear more about this costume, watch the Glance video below to hear my commentary!

If you don’t have time to get this exact costume, I’ve shared some items below that you may be able to find in your closet last minute!

Enjoy shopping my costume, look, and makeup with the links and widget below!

Eyelashes: shop [HERE]
Lipstick/Lip Liner: shop [HERE] and [HERE]
Highlighter:  shop [HERE]
Brow Highlighter: shop [HERE]
Brow Powder: shop [HERE]
Brow Pencil: shop [HERE]
Ringmaster/Ringleader Costume: shop [HERE]
Alternative Red Coat: shop [HERE],[HERE],and [HERE]
Alternative Bodysuit Leotard: shop [HERE], [HERE], and [HERE]
Boots: shop [HERE], [HERE], [HERE]
Hat: shop [HERE], [HERE], and [HERE]




P.S. My photographer, Ben, and I kicking butt:

Halloween Ringmaster Costume Kasey Ma

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