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New York Fashion Week Designer Recap Sept. ’17

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New York Fashion Week 2017 – NYFW Fashion Designer Recap

Wow, wow, wow. My New York Fashion Week was quite the experience. I swear each Season I get busier and busier with more Shows, appointments, and meetings to attend, but I love and take in every second of it. This was my 5th NYFW, and this season was full of designer fittings, sitting front row for multiple Shows, collaborating with amazing and talented photographers, and reuniting with my best blogger friends.


I’m sorry I was so delayed in recapping, but I have a special reason for it. I’ve decided to go full-time “me” and left my full-time job right before NYFW. So, I am now a full-time blogger/model/singer/ME! It has been so crazy getting into the hang of things and adjusting, and with NYFW happening simultaneously, I’ve barely had time and the strength to hold myself together!

In addition to all of that, I was running for Maxim’s Finest and finished in TOP TEN in the Northeast Region. Who would have thunk!? I really thank you all for your support in voting for me every day – it was certainly exhausting for both parties but you guys pulled through! I cannot believe the amount of people who had donated for Wounded Warriors and who had voted for me endlessly and tirelessly. I feel so blessed to have such strong supporters and followers to have made it that far amongst professional models!

And, don’t worry – I will explain the transition of this monumental period after I finish recapping all of NYFW, so stay tuned for the next few posts! I am also working on making this beautiful Youtube recap of my entire New York Fashion Week, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. 🙂

Anywhossss, I want to use this blog post to highlight some of my favorite designers of this Season:

Noon By Noor

Noon By Noor is always one of the more pleasant shows to see because of the soft lines and silhouettes, and light colors. This collection had plenty of white and pink, and a consistent, drape-y, night-gown-y feel. The first time I saw Noon by Noor, I remember saying to myself, “Wow, I can really see a lot of people wearing this without question!” This season, Noon by Noor more or less kept the same silhouettes that they’re famously known for, but they decided to add a bit more flare. Elements of masculinity with tailored cuts and bolder colors swept the runway. In addition to the usual pink and soft whites, there were bright reds, blacks and ladybug patterns! Designers Shaikha Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Mohamed Al Khalifa sure gave me and the audience a nice surprise from the usual quiet and quaint tone of their line.

Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications

Tadashi Shoji

Legit, Tadashi is ALWAYS the show I look forward to EVERY season. His dresses are always stupendous and beautifully crafted. His collection this year was filled with luxurious and bohemian vibes. Keeping true to his famous floral patterns and lacey intricacies, Tadashi crafted his pieces with bright, gemstone colors – ruby reds, emerald greens, yellows, and blues. With each model’s step, the audience was drawn in closer and closer to the wanderlust feels of the intimate world of artists, musicians, and Bohemians. The collection reminded me of a more sophisticated and elevated version of Coachella style vibes. It was as if the models consisted of most elite of the Southern Californians and were attending grand ballroom event right off the Runway.

Photo Credit: Linda Gaunt Communications

Bibhu Mohapatra

This Season was the first time I’ve ever been to Bibhu Mohapatra’s show. The line outside was extremely long and people were waiting for almost an hour to get in! I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. As I took my seat and the models started walking down the runway, I was in awe at how breathtaking the pieces were. Drawing a lot of inspiration from traditional Eastern Asia, the dresses and garments were made with both graceful and strong elements of lace, silk, geometric designs, and high-collars. This was definitely one of my favorite collections this Season to see.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Son Jung Wan

This is probably my 3rd time seeing Son Jung Wan after witnessing her first Show at NYFW. I am not exaggerating when I say this woman has TALENT – every Show I go to takes my breath away. This Season, there were a lot of vibrant and bright colors: bright pinks, blues, emerald greens, whites, and beiges. Every piece that walked down on each model was absolutely stunning – I want ALL of her clothes in my closet! Not to mention, I was sitting front row right across Kelly Rutherford so that was a nice surprise too. I think Kelly and Son Jung Wan are bffies because at the end, Kelly personally got up and gave her flowers to congratulate her. What a friend to have! *Gossip Girl fan over here fan-girling*

Photo Credit: Deborah Hughes

Phillipp Plein

Wow, oh wow. What I have to say about this Show! THOUSANDS of people lined up outside the Hammerstein Ballroom to see Philipp Plein’s second American Show. Bouncers turned many anxious attendees away at the door because the entire multi-level ballroom was at capacity! It was nuts! It was definitely the Show of the Season to attend and everyone wanted to go because not only was it followed by an after-party, but there were a lot of celebrity appearances and performances. Before the Show started, Nicki Minaj was escorted with her bodyguards to her table off the stage. NBD. Then, the famous burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese, opened the event by dancing in a very large champagne glass, splashing anyone in her way (literally). Next came Teyana Taylor who came strutting ALL of her dancing little booty down the runway. It really seemed like Philipp had a huge chunk of change to throw around since he had famous models like Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk walk down the runway. Other notable models were Jasmine Sanders (@goldenbarbie). Then, while the models were walking, rapper Future performed and the whole crowd was having a blast and dancing in their seats.

Now, to talk about the actual fashion part. Well, hrm. Where do I start? Everything revolved around bondage and BDSM-inspired fashion. This was definitely an event not meant to be seen by kids. Occasionally, there were graphic tees with cartoon characters on it, but maybe it was because Philipp tried to subdue the “adult” factor in the show. That hardly worked though if that was his intention. Overall, this Show more seemed like one for a rebellious cry of attention and Press rather than the appreciation of fashion. It certainly wasn’t my taste, but I’m sure it touched the hearts of others outside my tasteful sphere.

Photo Credit: WWD

Dan Liu

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Not only was I able to sit front row, but I was also honored with being able to wear one of his pieces to the Show…AND I got to personally met Dan Liu backstage, shake his hand, and take a photo with him. (Here’s some Press proof for ya taken by a famous international photographer). In his collection, there were lots of pretty and pastel blues, whites, pinks, and gorgeous lacework that filled the runway. I remember when I first saw Dan Liu, I noticed a lot of his dresses were very simple in silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. Two seasons later, it seemed like he was beginning to step out of his comfort zone and really try to express more of his inner passion upon his pieces. This fact was accentuated by the last model, who wore a simple all-white dress, but carried a large dream catcher with Peacock feathers on it – almost symbolizing the natural serenity that his line brought. Bravo, Dan Liu!

Photo Credit: Riviere Agency/Fashion Week Online

Photo Credit: Robbie Bulilan

Me (Kasey of The StyleWright) and Dan Liu

Photo Credit: Robbie Bulilan

Me (Kasey of The StyleWright) and Dan Liu

Photo Credit: Robbie Bulilan

Leanne Marshall

Obsessed! Can I please have all her gorgeous dresses? This was another Show that I was blessed with wearing the designer’s pieces and was invited to sit front row. I took my little spin on her otherwise feminine dresses, and I want to show you guys, so I’ll follow up with an outfit post soon! Anyways, Leanne took the runway with bright, statement colors such as teals, yellows, neon pinks, and bright oranges. I personally do not wear bright colors because my skin tone does not fare well with those hues, but Leanne Marshall now has me thinking otherwise! I also love the fact that there was representation of all shapes and sizes down the runway.

Photo Credit: Riviere Agency/Fashion Week Online

Jarel Zhang

“Whoa…” was my initial reaction when the first model walked during Jarel Zhang’s Show. As I was going to my seat in front row, I found myself needing to step around construction signs and traffic cones to clear the way. I was utterly confused, but intrigued. When the first models started walking, I was thinking to myself, “what the heck is going on with this construction worker-inspired clothing?” And “who in the world would wear this?” But, I am one to try to never be quick to judge, so I locked my thoughts away and silently watched the rest of the show. As the show went on, I noticed that the designer actually had something bold to say with his line. Every piece felt strong, fierce, and edgy. The oversized garments had a purposeful, androgynous figure to them and they were constructed with fabrics such as plastic, waterproof rain jacket material, and heavy-duty zippers. It’s almost as if the designer took silhouettes normally found in androgynous styles, and challenged them with rebellious material. Brilliant.

Photo Credit: Riviere Agency/Fashion Week Online

Addition Elle

It was so awesome to see the abundance of plus size models on the runways this Season. Addition Elle, being a leader in the Canadian plus size market, was one of the great Shows that celebrated the beauty of Plus size wear and models. The stunning Ashley Graham opened and closed the Show by wearing her gorgeous lingerie Iines, Purple Rain and Ritz, while social media star and model, Jordyn Wood, debuted her Love & Legend collection. The looks were very playful, sporty, and sexy. It was the Season to applaud all shapes and sizes, and Addition Elle demonstrated that beautifully with their Show. One shirt strongly stated, “Labels Are For Clothes Only,” and I completely agree.

Photo Credit: FWO

Hakan Akkaya

What a show! Hakan Akkaya killed it again this season with their edgy appeal and daring looks. I invited my Turkish friend because she’s a huge fan of his work, and we both absolutely loved the show (and got gift bags)! I could see myself wearing a lot of the Hakan’s pieces since my style is very edgy but classy as well. Apparently there were some famous Turkish models walking down the runway too. The ending of the Show truly made a statement: the troop of models stormed the runway all at once as if they were a mob ready to take over the world.


Photo Credit: The Bite MagFashion Fad, New York Style Guide, Entertainment World

Fashion Palette

Fashion Palette is always THE Show you want to make sure you see. Showcasing many amazing Australian designers, Fashion Palette has made their mark on U.S. soil for the 5th Season. I was so happy when I was invited to wear one of their pieces to the Show! I wore this beautiful Elliatt dress that I will you show you guys soon in an upcoming outfit post. All of the designers had such striking and wearable designs and accessories. The designers that showed were: Ashlee Lauren, Bronx & Banco, Elliatt, Flare Street, Haus of Song, MB The Label, Sabo Luxe, and Torrance. Ashlee Lauren gave the audience something different this season and killed it with her individual crown and head pieces – it kind of makes me wonder why I don’t have any of her pieces in my closet! In terms of ready-to-wear, I really could not pick my favorite designer because I honestly loved everything and could see myself wearing everything!  I’m going to let photos speak louder than words, so I included my favorite pieces from each designer. I wish the best of luck to these Australian designers making their footprint in America because they deserve to be known!

Photo Credit: Riviere Agency

Zang Toi

Zang Toi left me in awe. It was my first time attending his Show, and I can definitely say I am attending every season that he allows me to sit! With Asian and Malaysian inspiration sewn into the fabrics, design, and color, it was certainly a striking collection. A lot of his pieces this year were for catered to high-fashion evening wear, gowns, and dresses. I’d love to wear his pieces to a gala or some sort of red carpet event. I enjoyed how he chose a consistent color palette throughout with baby blues, greens, whites, blacks, and grays – it really tied together the entire collection.

Photo Credit: WWD

Marcel Ostertag

I’m normally not a fan of bugs, but Marcel sure had a way to make them look cute! The insect prints brought yet another touch of differentiation on top of the disco era vibe I was getting from his collection. Never have I thought that the colors orange, green, and brown would ever go well together. Quite frankly, the color combo reminds me of a pumpkin, but somehow he pulled it off! Marcel brilliantly added shimmer, structure, and hippie accessories to complete each look – it was marvelous. I’m really curious to see what he has up his sleeve next season!

Photo Credit: Bromley Group

Jia Liu

I will never ever forget Jia Liu’s show. It was so unforgettable and adorable as there were kid models walking down the runway who were just so scrumptious! I almost missed the Show because I had to run to the bathroom right beforehand, and I barely got to my front row seat in time. And boy, was the hard work scrambling to my seat worth it! Everybody in the audience was smiling because both the adult and kid models looked like they were having such a great time. The fashion was very interesting, too. The designer took literal inspiration from The Emoji Movie and screen-printed the images onto tailored suits, sporty dresses, and streetwear. The collection overall was very fun, friendly, and whimsical. This was probably the perfect show to conclude NYFW as it was so memorable in fashion and performance.

Photographer Credit: Getty Images

Well, that’s a wrap! I have finally finished my NYFW September 2017 designer recap! Hope you all enjoyed my takeaways and stay tuned for an outfit recap coming your way.





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