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5 Top Travel Makeup Brushes for the Travel Addicts

Need to look beautiful on-the-go with the perfect travel makeup brushes? Read below!

Attention: Travel and Beauty Addicts 
Find and Invest in your Perfect Travel Makeup Brushes!

Note from the Founder/Editor, Kasey:

I’m back Ladies! I’ve included some of my personal favorite travel makeup brushes. As a woman constantly on-the-go, a travel set is essential for making sure I always look my best. You can throw any of these options in a carry-on, in your handbag, or in a travel backpack. Stop carrying around your bulky makeup bag and invest in one of these adorable and high-quality sets.

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Hey Y’all!

My name is Bianca – I’m a guest blogger at The StyleWright. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my life whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally. One of my biggest struggles while traveling is trying to find makeup brushes that exceed my expectations while allowing me to save some moolah $$.

Well, I have some great news for you – LOOK NO FURTHER! I’ve done my research for all of you. All you have to do is read about my brush experience below and just like that, your life will be that much better. 

Kasey travels a lot, so she thought this blog post was SO necessary!

1. MORPHE Set 706 – 12 Piece Black & White Travel Set  – $24.99

Morphe brush travel makeup brushes

  • A 12-piece travel set? Answering woman’s prayers around the world.
  • Brushes included: Powder Brush | Blush Brush | Flat Foundation Brush | Angled Shadow Brush | Flat Shadow Fluff Brush | Blender Brush | Chubby Shadow Brush | Blender Fluff | Concealer Brush | Detail Shadow Fluff | Lip Brush | Angle Liner Brush
  • Ready to brush a little blush on those cheeks, tap some of that fabulous eyeshadow on your lids and make your foundation look flawless – All with these soft, detail-oriented brushes? This MORPHE Set may be for you!

2. Lancôme Essential Makeup Artist Brush Gift Set – $65.00

Lancome travel makeup brushes

Looking for a well-known name brand set? This Lancôme brush set will put a smile on your face

  • Brushes Included: Foundation Brush | Powder Brush | Concealer Brush | Angle Shadow Brush | Blending Shadow Brush
  • Lancôme gets the job done with this set. Super convenient and the brushes scream “quality”. This set is a personal favorite.

3. Zoeva Bamboo Luxury Set – $86.00

Zoeva travel makeup brushes

  • Are you free-spirited, have a balanced soul, love vegan products, and treat yourself to luxury from time-to-time? Babe, this Bamboo Set from Zoeva is calling you.
  • Brushes Included: Defined Buffer | Highlight | Face Paint | Cream Cheek | Concealer Buffer | Soft Definer | Classic Shader | Wing Liner
  • This set is just beautiful and so ideal for the jet-setter who genuinely appreciates flawless makeup application. From the handle of the brush to the tip of the bristles, Zoeva does a job well-done with these travel brushes.

P.S. Shop other cute brush sets by Zoeva like this complete black and silver one ($100) and this rose gold one below ($69):

Zoeva Black travel makeup brushesZoeva Rose Gold travel makeup brushes

Editor’s Additions:

  1. Real Techniques Core Collection ($17.99)

Real Techniques Core travel makeup brushes

  • On a budget but still need your basics? Then, take a look at Real Techniques Core Collection. I absolutely love their Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6.99) already which happens to be a less expensive version of a Beauty Blender in my opinion, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of their other brushes. I’m sticking to this one! (And it’s only $17.99!)
  • Brushes Included: Detailed Brush | Pointed Foundation Brush | Buffing Brush | Contour Brush

The Real Techniques Flawless Base Set is also another good and inexpensive alternative to the Core Collection AND it includes a cute cup to organize your brushes on your countertop/vanity (if you’re so faaancy):

  • Brushes Included: Contour Brush | Detailer Brush | Buffing Brush | Square Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Flawless Base travel makeup brushes

5. Sephora Collection Two Ways About It Brush Set ($70)

Sephora Collection travel makeup brushes

  • With a cute baby pink vegan case, adorable Insta-friendly gold handles, and 10K likes on Sephora, I had to put this set on my list. I love how each brush is double-ended so you’re really getting twice the brushes in half the size. This is a no-brainer!
  • Brushes Included: Buffing/Blush Brush | Flat/Pointed Foundation Brush | Shadow/Crease Brush | Concealer Brush | Angled Brow/Spoolie Brush| Smudge/Precision Liner Brush


Kasey and Bianca

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