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New York Fashion Week 2017 | Recap

The StyleWright at Desigual Kasey Ma

The Stylewright's New York Fashion Week 2017 Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

Hey Ya’ll. I’ve been posting a lot about the past New York Fashion Week lately, and I’m finally here with the recap. (To see what I wore, you can find my previous two New York Fashion Week 2017 outfit posts HERE and HERE).

Looking back at this past season, this was by far the best and busiest I have ever been to. Luckily, this season, I felt more prepared. I actually put some short videos together that I was able to capture pre-Season and during the shows. Click HERE to enjoy the clips! (don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe.) 🙂

So, anyways, I got really lucky this Season. My goal after Fall ’16 was to get sponsors for hair/clothing and a hotel for in between shows. This February, I was able to not only get complimentary haircuts, blowouts and clothing, I was also able to secure sponsored makeup, backstage admission, reduced-price hotel stays, free Uber rides to events, an invite to a Tinashe concert, and front row seats to multiple Shows! I couldn’t believe how far I had come from last Season. I felt truly blessed and so amazed that all my hard work is paying off.

Although I could have stayed at a blogger-reduced rate for a lovely hotel, I decided to stay at an AirBnb for the first 3 days of NYFW. The apartment was conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, and I was able to bring my boyfriend and puppy, Einstein, along. Having them both around really helped keep me sane during my hectic days.

And now to the New York Fashion Week 2017 Shows…

New York Fashion Week 2017
Hair/Makeup done by Caravan Stylist Studio
Day 1 – New York Fashion Week 2017

On NYFW Day 1, there was a huge snowstorm, but that didn’t stop me or any other fashionista from attending the Shows. I got my hair and makeup done before Nicholas K so that was worry-free for me (Thanks to Caravan Stylist Studio!) After lunch and a short nap, I made my way to Desigual, Tadashi Shoji, and Noon by Noor. Fortunately, I had front row seats to most of the shows so I was able to capture some great photos and footage.

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Seeing Tinashe in concert at iHeartRadio – New York Fashion Week 2017

Somewhere in between the shows, I got a ‘ding’ on my email with an invite and comped Uber ride to enjoy cocktails sponsored by John Freida and then attend Tinashe’s concert at the iHeartRadio theater. My eyes couldn’t believe the email I was reading. I thought to myself, “Me? I got chosen to attend one of my favorite R&B artist’s live performance? Get out.” Fast forward to the concert, I wound up right by the stage and despite how tired I was, I was dancing all night on my toes. You can see her live performance on my Youtube video below.

Day 2 – New York Fashion Week 2017

The next morning for NYFW Day 2, I made my over to Dan Liu, met some great photographers outside Skylight Clarkson Square, and then went to my first backstage experience at Hellessy. I got my hair done super curly and received an amazing hand massage thanks to Aveda. After that, I had to check out of my AirBnb, so unfortunately, I had to miss a couple of shows after 3pm.

New York Fashion Week 2017
MUA: @chelseacmakeup of @rougesalons
Day 3 – New York Fashion Week 2017

Then came the third day. NYFW Day 3 was off to a great start. In the morning, I got my makeup done by Chelsea at Rouge Makeup Salons. I told her I wanted my makeup to match my outfit, and she sure made that happen and did an amazing job! It was also the first time I ever had foundation airbrushed on my face – it looked so natural and it stayed on the entire day.

Day 4/5 – New York Fashion Week 2017

After my makeup was done, I attended the beautiful Jill Stuart presentation. I must have run into at least 10 of my blogger friends! It was so nice to see everyone in one place. I went to the ShopStyle Social House after and mingled some more with my peers before heading off to the Mac Duggal show. Unfortunately, because I was on antibiotics that I was allergic to, I all of a sudden got severe stomach pains and had to take a car home and lay low for the rest of the weekend. I was totally bummed – who knew that I was allergic to what was supposed to make me get better? Ugh!

New York Fashion Week 2017
shopstyle #sssocialhouse

By the time NYFW Day 5 came around, the frequency of Shows started to diminish. I had to get back to my full-time job, so I only attended Shows after work hours. The next Show was the beautiful dress vendor, Sherri Hill. I didn’t get front row this time, but I was still able to capture some good moments during the Show.

Day 6 – New York Fashion Week 2017

NYFW Day 6 started. Unfortunately, all of my scheduled Shows were during work hours. I went to the Shows at FTL Moda during lunch, but that was all I could really make. Fortunately, for the first time ever, I had an incredible assistant who helped me by attending these shows and capturing amazing videos, photos, and Instastories. On behalf of theStyleWright team, she went to the Yandy Swim Show and Carmen Marc Valvo. Thanks Semina!

Day 7 – New York Fashion Week 2017

Then, came the last day: NYFW Day 7. Thanks to Pur Cosmetics, I had a delicious breakfast at Café Hugo, and I also was gifted with a bunch of makeup. I was so happy with what I got! Their new Velvet Matte lipsticks are the freaking bomb. They look amazing, and last for-eh-ver. Shop them HERE.

Kasey Ma of theStyleWright wearing Vivienne Tam - New York Fashion Week 2017

After breakfast, I went to Vivienne Tam‘s Show looking like I was ready to take off to the Moon. (To see the dress in detail, you can read my previous post HERE.) Vivienne Tam’s Fall ’17 collection was absolutely mind-blowing. There were lots of sequin and shimmer everywhere. Oh, and they sat me front row, so I had such a great view!

Overall, I had an astounding experience this 4th NYFW Season. I felt more organized, less stressed out, and could enjoy my time better. Thank God I implemented by lessons from my New York Fashion Week Tips post from last year!

My New York Fashion Week 2017 Video!

Well, that’s all folks. Be sure to check out behind-the-scenes footage below and on my Youtube! Click (HERE) for the direct link. Subscribe if you like!



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