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Eliciting that “Je Ne Sais Quoi” Factor

In partnership with Triumph

“Je Ne Sais Quoi”: an intangible quality that makes someone or something distinctive or attractive. Literally meaning “I do not know what.” To my knowledge and experience, all women wish to embody this attribute. They all want to exude this strong, yet subtle confidence and beauty – both externally and from within. Little do they know that each and every one of them already has that special something. Sometimes, it just takes a little practice to bring that side of them forward.

Recently, I had a trial run of this newfound confidence…a different kind of confidence than I am used to.

A few weeks ago, Triumph, one of the industry leaders in women’s lingerie and sleepwear, invited me to a personal press preview of their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. I was astounded by the quality of the fabrics. The designs of the lace details were so intricate, yet they were incorporated into everyday lingerie bodies. As I looked around the showroom, it did not seem like I only could wear these pieces on special occasions. I actually saw myself wearing these beautiful pieces under my everyday clothes! It was amazing to see that I had the option to feel sexy no matter what I wore. Heck, I could even wear one of Triumph’s bras under a loose t-shirt and still feel sexy.

Then, Triumph decided to test my confidence even further. I scheduled a shoot with photographer, Roman Kajzer, soon after I received some gifted sets. I was so nervous as this was my first lingerie shoot in my life. As a fashion blogger, I am used to having most of my clothes on when I am in front of the camera…not most of them off.


In the beginning, I was this awkward fashion blogger girl who really only knew how to model clothes and not her body. With the first few flashes and camera clicks, I felt exposed, cold, uncomfortable. I did not think it would be this difficult. I was so used to being in front of the camera for everything from true modeling to fashion editorial shooting to even speaking in front of the camera. I had been training since I was 16 years old. It was like I all of a sudden entered unknown territory and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I felt lost – my poses were stiff and blocky. This girl did not know how to contort her body to emphasize the curves she had that made her distinguishable as a woman.

After hours of practice, I finally succeeded in making me feel confident in a way I never had been able to express before. As the photographer, Roman, and director, Semina Bildek, guided me with different poses, I was eventually able to become more comfortable with expressing myself.

Thinking back to that day, the experience of shooting in lingerie actually empowered me – it brought out a different aspect of my confidence that I have never exercised. I learned that if you train your confidence, you are able to access any part of it at any time you want. This was a truly eye-opening experience for me that I will never forget.

So, remember everyone. You always have the power to elicit that “je ne sais quoi” factor.




About Triumph:

Originating in the UK, Triumph has been around for the last 130 years. Triumph creates beautiful, top quality pieces with a great fit. Her audience is a style-driven customer who likes to keep up with trends, although she has confidence in her own style. When it comes to lingerie, she is willing to spend money on items that make her feel attractive and confident. The brand is now available in the U.S. and sold at top stores such as Journelle, Anthropoligie, HerRoom, and Bare Necessities.


P.S. Since the holidays are coming up, Triumph can be the perfect gift!

P.S.S. It is totally my birthday today! 🙂

Photographer: Roman Kajzer of Fotomaniac NYC

Director: Semina Bildek

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