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Goodbye Blog, Hello Vlog!

But kind of, really.


I have made the decision to finally pivot my business “baby” and sweep up the momentum from this media age. I am slowing down the writing portion for my blog, and upping the talking portion for my vlog (Ooo, look at that rhyming). I want to concentrate more on connecting with the audience with my Youtube channel. I want to engage, I want to speak to them, and I want to make them laugh. Below you can find the pivotal steps I have gone through thus far in getting to this very Oscar-worthy realization.


Multiple A-Ha Moments

If you’re a growing blogger, maybe you’ll go through these same A-ha moments. If you’re a successful blogger reading this, maybe you’ve already surpassed these stages. Either way, here is how mine went:

  1. My first a-ha moment was when I realized I wanted to be a fashion blogger. This was incremental as it was the start of my own creative journey of expression.
  2. My second was when I decided to find my niche. Instead of displaying clothes and accessories on my body hoping my readers would shop what’s on me, I decided to extend my arm and reach out to my readers more intimately. With motivational words and the sharing of my hardships, I told my personal anecdotes and lessons learned to my readers. The response was wonderful. Time after time, readers would reach out to me and say how much they needed to hear what I wrote in a post that day. Suddenly, I became a source of inspiration.
  3. My third was when I started to figure out how to monetize my platform a bit more effectively.
  4. My fourth and most recent was when I realized that all my a-ha moments were distracting me from the one that was most essential to me: my passion for being in front of the video camera. This is the medium that would most effectively convey my story in the most intimate way. The words that I am so used to typing on the screen would now be flowing from my mouth and into the ears of my listeners and viewers. What I would say would be spoken with more passion, more belief, and more integrity. I would be speaking directly to my audience as if they were in the same room as me.

And in the end, I want to make people laugh and smile. Especially about the tough times in life that we all go through. As human beings, we all encounter similar situations – and how we react to each situation determines if we fall behind or grow from it. At this point in my life, I am learning how to cope with each difficult moment in a healthy way and learn how to laugh about it. And I want everybody to hear my story, and hopefully follow suit.img_7515

With this said, please stay tuned for my upcoming vlogs on the most relatable subjects. (You can check out my last two: “The Right Way to Hit On a Woman” and “Museum of Ice Cream Tour” on Youtube).  I’ll also be guest-starring with some other YouTubers in short sketches as well. P.S. I will be in need of some actors and actresses in the future, so keep your ears open for more information.

I love you all and I thank each and everyone of my followers for being so loyal. Toota-loo!


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P.S. I will still be on my blog posting my vlogs and writing occasionally. Please note that I am NOT disappearing. 🙂

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