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Hi guys! I’ve been so immersed with New York Fashion Week, I figured it would be great to share with you some insider tips on how to survive the hectic schedule. I’ve made several mistakes and have learned a great deal from them. So here I am sharing some tips with you so you can avoid a few mishaps and enjoy the shows more. Read on!

Here is a useful guide to weather the New York Fashion Storm:

1) Get Enough Sleep – I could never stress this enough. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, especially before a full day of shows. One night, I had 3-4 shows on very little sleep and I found it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open during the show. I was so miserable. This year, I had an entire DAY filled with 6-7 shows, so I made sure to get enough sleep the night before. Not surprisingly, I was able to enjoy the shows more and really bask in each designer’s collections.

2) Be Picture-Ready – Plan your outfit the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you’re going to rush and make sure you have all your essentials for the day rather than your nitpicking your outfit. If you plan your outfit the night prior, you have time to mix and match tops and bottoms and shoes to your liking. If you try to hastily put together your outfit in the morning, you may forget that one statement piece that might make or break getting your picture taken and be noticed by industry professionals. Lay out or hang up your outfit before you sleep so when you wake up, you have one less thing to worry about. Trust me – this takes away a good part of the stressful week. By reminding myself of that this season, I was honored to have my picture taken by the well-known photographer of The Styleograph (as seen in the pics from this post).

3)    Bring Backups – Nothing feels worse than when your iPhone runs out of battery during a show while you’re Snapchatting or when your feet hurt so badly from heels you can barely walk. Make sure to bring a portable cellphone battery charger, a regular in-wall charger, and a charger for your DSLR if you have one. The shows at Moynihan and Skylight have charging stations, but there is a high likelihood that every other of the hundreds of attendees have their phones plugged in. With a spare battery, you can charge on-the-go and during the shows. Now, if that runs out and if you have an outlet source available somewhere or at a Starbucks, then you can use the in-wall charger to juice up your battery. In terms of shoes, since you’ll be on your feet all day, bring a pair of flats or sandals to switch into between shows if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. I wish I had done that my first 2 days. Now I regret that I hadn’t, since my feet still hurt today five days later!

4)    Be On Your Game – You will be meeting a lot of important industry professionals, celebrities, bloggers, photographers, models, etc. (hopefully, or potentially). If you get a chance to speak with any of them, providing them your Instagram handle will not make them remember you. You have to realize that these people have huge followings and your “+1” to their couple million followers will be lost in the mix. Instead, have your business cards ready and exchange them with whomever you meet. Last season, when a photographer would take a picture of me, I would just agree and say “yes” and I’d never see them or my pictures again. Now, if people photograph me, I immediately ask them for their contact info and they usually reciprocate and ask you for yours. Therein lies the perfect chance to give them your card. Because of this, I have been able to figure out what publication they are associated with in addition to receiving my pictures. I also can properly credit them when I post the pictures and they love that! Treat them well, and they’ll treat you well. Win win.

5)    Leave Enough Time To Get To Your Shows – Once you become better at blogging and you are more established, you will start getting invites to a lot of consecutive shows. Realize that some of your shows are only an hour apart, and they are usually not in the same location. It takes time to get to and from all of the NYFW venues. Each show runs at least 15-30 minutes late, so if you want to make the second show, you either will have to leave a half an hour for travel from the 1st show, or skip it. I have missed two great shows this week just because I was running late from somewhere else. Sometimes you just have to pick which shows you really want to attend and which shows you would not mind missing as much. Weigh your options and make your favorite shows priority.

These tips are so far the ones that have stuck out to me the most over the past several NYFW seasons. I wish I had known these tips at my first fashion week – I could have saved myself seasons of headaches. So, here’s to saving yours! ️

If you have other mistakes you have learned from, what are they?

Hope you all have a great rest of the fashion week!


P.S. Don’t forget to get your nails done. Nobody wants nasty nails 🙂 Look presentable.




Pictured above:
Top: Rachel Roy
Shoes: 424 Fifth
Pants: My Mom’s 70’s Closet
Bag: Fendi
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban by ShopDitto – get your 1st month free with code “THESTYLEWRIGHT”!

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