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Monday Inspiration – Think BIG.

Samsung 837
Samsung 837

Remember to always think of the bigger picture in order to help you get through the smaller tasks.

This weekend, I was having so much difficulty getting around to editing my second vlog (ever) on the Museum of Ice Cream. It seems like on Saturday, I did everything BUT my work. I cleaned, I ate lots of food, and went shopping for useless things. By the end of the night, I felt like I wasted so much potentially valuable time.

Then on Sunday, I had a change of mind. I reminded myself of my goal of inspiring others and making them laugh. I knew that in order to do that, I had to get my editing done. So, I started my day: I woke up to go to the gym, went to my singing lesson, and then returned home. I decided that if I couldn’t concentrate at home, I had to pick myself up and go to a café to work. And I did just that. From the hours of 5-11:30pm, I edited the hell out of my video. I was so focused because I consistently repeated my goals to myself. Over and over again. This method was the driving force of concentration and hard work that I needed.

So, remember to take a step back from the grunt work and ask yourself the purpose of what you’re doing. You’ll find that you will become more efficient and love what you’re doing even more. Think BIG.


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