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“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing in this world is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.” – Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.


Take you and me, for example. We are both sitting behind a computer, feverishly developing our talent. Think about it. I, as a writer, am practicing my ability to tell a story and connect with the audience. You, as a reader, are soaking in knowledge from a blogger’s point of view and gaining a diversified perspective on a subject. We, together, are both sitting here strengthening our skills, experience, and knowledge – our human capital. Now, what good use is it if we were to keep this all to ourselves? What would happen if I never hit the “Publish” button on my WordPress page? What would happen if you forgot everything you’ve ever read or never had shared your findings with anyone else?


There are so many intelligent people in this world who just sit on their talent and subconsciously refuse to share it with others. They do not realize their potential impact – they have great knowledge and when mixed with persistence, they would be unconquerable.


Those unconquerable people I speak of are entrepreneurs – ranging from those with startups, websites/blogs, and to those with longstanding successful corporations. It is for these people who I have an immense amount of respect towards. What these self-starters have in common is their powerful combination of intelligence, hard work, and persistence. Through their startup’s growth and pitfalls, they continue to develop these three attributes until they finally can deem themselves as successful. Even then, they still won’t stop. In their eyes, there is always room for improvement and there will always be another rung of success to climb.



Entrepreneurs are possessed with their own ardor – nothing ceases them from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day, their alarm clock is not that obnoxious monotone ringing from a digital clock; it’s their fervent ambition that shakes them out of bed. They know that if they sleep an unnecessary second more, they will be pushed away from the pursuit of their dreams.


As former and first Co-President of NYU’s CAS Entrepreneurship Association, people have consistently asked, “Do you have your own startup?” As I’d answer no, without fail, they would follow up with, “Well, when are you going to start one?” Being in a leadership position at one of the largest entrepreneurship hubs, it seemed crazy that I did not have a startup myself. I was drowning in an infinite sea of networking, making everybody else but me connected to well-known founders, CEOs, and potential partners and investors. I thought I was being selfless and altruistic by helping others who needed the quadrillion connections that I could procure.



Fast-forward to just a quick year later, I can categorize myself into that group of crazy entrepreneurs. Now, I run my own fashion blog – and I am proud of it. I have picked myself up from behind the keyboard to gain more experience and share my stories with you. I am using my skills as a writer and fashion stylist to influence my readers in a positive direction. I help those who want it – whether it is you or other brands that need exposure. Like before my blog, I still have my drive to help others, but the difference now is that I am also helping myself. I want to bring you and the rest of the world alongside my journey because keeping it all to myself would be selfish.


The mere fact that you and I are sitting here behind this computer reading and writing is fine. However, to sit here and do nothing about it…you might as well be as useful as a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. Go out and do something you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Utilize that human capital that you develop in your everyday life and give the gift of knowledge and experience with others. Trust me, the rewards are far greater when you create meaning to your life. Share your worth.


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This blog post is in partnership with W By Worth. They have crafted and helped me choose this beautiful dress that I am wearing in the above pictures. After my fitting at the showroom, I found that their pieces exuded an aura of contemporariness, sexiness, and sophistication.

I could not tell you what aspect of W By Worth I love more: being a part of their clientele or having the opportunity to become a stylist. From a clientele side, I am appreciative of their attentiveness to my needs. The stylist really took her time to make sure that I was choosing the perfect piece that was in line with my fit, comfort, and style.

On the flip side, W By Worth creates opportunities for women to become an owner-operator of their own businesses while having the support of an extremely talented team of specialists. You can become a stylist for this brand and cater to clientele who are looking for guidance. You can help others feel better about themselves through fashion and bringing forward their confidence to their everyday life.

Outfit details: Dress – W by Worth; Bag – Chanel; Shoes – Prada; Sweater – Lord & Taylor

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