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A Fever, New Apartment, and Mathieu Mirano


I was hot and then I was cold and then I was hot, and then I was cold. My temperature kept fluctuating for two days. I experienced something that I haven’t in a long time: an aching fever. Then, one healed day later full of recovery symptoms of fatigue, I closed my first apartment. It’s a one-bedroom in NJ, and it’s right along the water, minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Imagine that. A few months ago at the age of 23, I made a successful offer on an apartment. Fast forward to the age of 24, I now own an apartment entirely under my name. God is good, I am grateful, and luck is on my side.


Who knew the buying process was so stressful? I certainly did not. The process of finding the right home at the right price, and shopping around for the best mortgage rates proved to be a huge headache. Everyday, I had to draw up an infinite amount of documents to prove to the bank that I was a reliable borrower. On top of all that, I was living all the way in the Upper East Side while attending to a full-time job. The only time I had to look at apartments were after work, and by the time I got home, it was already time to crash on my Tempurpedic.


Well worth it though. I learned so much at a younger age. Plus, my mortgage and monthly payment is way less detrimental to my pocket than my NYC rent.

So, during this period of healing from my sickness and purchasing the largest gift of my life, I obviously (sarcasm) needed to keep myself even busier (stupid) by previewing the lovely collections of Mathieu Mirano’s line (actually totally worth it).


I had a private appointment with the designer himself, Mathieu Mirano (how awesome is the spelling of his name bee-tee-dubs). Once I looked past the friendliness of his demeanor, I heard a voice of passion, talent, and extreme creativity.

When I walked into the showroom, I was in awe with the flow of different colors that filled the room. He literally covered every color of the rainbow with his work. With their visual eccentricity, the dresses grabbed my attention in a completely different way than what I am used to. At first, I wouldn’t have initially picked up a dress of his if I were to walk into a store. I would think there was no way in hell I could pull that off. I simply could not wear these beautiful and striking colors against my olive skin and un-model proportions. I would need to be confident in my body and my skin would need to be tan in order for the colors to pop and not look ridiculous.

unnamed-2IMG_0637unnamed-4I then mentally snapped my fingers and told myself to keep an open mind. I remembered that the best designers are those who strive to be different.  They want to challenge their audience to try on pieces they never would have. They want them to venture outside their comfort zone.


As he walked me through each piece of his collection, I grew to love the lines even more and more. The layering and material was atypical – he constructed dresses made of Iiquid silk, boiled sequins, and on some pieces, he showed off his bold car-wash technique.

Extremely heavy gown made of boiled sequins

So, what did I learn from this? That maybe I should have borrowed a bit more from the bank aside from the money for my apartment. Like damn – I could have owned a piece of Mathieu Mirano’s collections and it would have lasted just as long.

Until next time.

Kasey is wearing –  Jacket: Diesel – Dress: Zara – Shoes: Unknown – Bracelet: Lord & Taylor – Necklace: BCBG Maxazria




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