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NYFW Part 2: The Grand Finale

The Art Institutes, Eva Michelle, OBDEC…this was the trio that concluded February New York Fashion Week.

With a full-time desk job that wouldn’t free me till 7pm, attending shows had been extremely exhausting. I would come home past 11pm, eat dinner that consisted of some sort of fried food like chicken fingers and burgers, and wake up at 6am with a tummy ache full of indigestion. With four to five cups of coffee, I powered through my day job for 11 hours, then Uber’d my way to more shows. Rinse, cycle, repeat. You may think being a fashion blogger is solely glamorous based on the moments we capture; however, with all that glamour comes the sacrifice of sleep, health, and time.

Thank God for the above-average makeup skills that shielded my zombie face from the flashes of the cameras. Eyeliner, mascara, and powdered brows were the only things that were propping my eyelids open. And thanks to HD makeup and my Beauty Blender sponge, I could cover all my blemishes and veiny skin that were a result of dehydration and lack of sleep.

So, now that my rant is out in the open, you may question: was it worth it? The answer is: absolutely. You could ask me a million times and I would not change my mind. Thanks to The Art Institutes and AMCONYC, I have had the privilege to witness many emerging and talented designers.

Artist Lily Qian live sketching a piece from each designer’s collections during the runway show

Let’s start with the Art Institutes. First off, I want to congratulate all of the amazing designers who were selected to show their collections during NYFW at Skylight. I am sure it was an extremely incredible experience for each and every one of them. See throughout my post for snapshots of some of my favorite looks from the runway.

It was an exquisite show overall, but I would have to say my favorite pieces were by designers Zenia De Sousa, Sebastian Cubides, and Bahareh Memarian. Their collections were edgy and fierce, but classy and sexy.

Just absolutely love these crop tops. The structuring accentuates both the command and presence, bringing forward the inner strengths of each woman. I love how De Sousa ties together these two pieces with the pant in the first picture and the top of the second with a similar graffiti-like pattern. And that skirt! Talk about taking that car wash technique to the next level. Just look at my video below and see how she walks in it. Ugh! Gorgeous. Stealing these outfits from De Sousa’s closet. K thanks. Oh, and I’m definitely not giving them back.

Sebastian Cubides
Sebastian Cubides

And here comes Sebastian Cubides. His model breathed fire down the runway with his designs. September outfit, here I come. I love how the leather folds and bends the lights, giving the outfit different dimensions. The pant component graces the model’s calves midway, leaving room for her legs and shoes to show. The bolero completes the outfit, adding color and a tailored look to the shoulders. The jacket comes to a vanish point with a soft touch to the neck. Very subtly sexy.

Bahareh Memarian

And to my favorite. This dress certainly caught my attention as it was strutting down the runway. Bahareh Memarian did an exquisite job with the layering of the dress. The bottom tiered at different levels and flowed beautifully while the model was walking. It was made of such delicate material, yet Memarian managed to bring some edge to the look. The dress reminded me of a long ballerina’s tutu that was accompanying the model’s steps as she took her strides. Memarian did a phenomenal job and I would love for her to design a dress for me one day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the Art Institutes show was over, the fun was long from being over. On top of being greeted with Dunkin Donuts Macchiatos and delicious cronuts in the press area, I saw the designs of Eva Michelle making their entrance at Studio 450 during AMCONYC Fashion Week. Her line was overall very feminine in in its silhouettes and colors. For all I know, the models could have walked straight down the runway and into a fancy cocktail party next door.

OBDEC Presentation, Photographed by Kasey Ma


OBDEC, Photographed by Kasey Ma

My last event of NYFW was actually not a typical runway show. OBDEC showcased its jewelry line on models who walked out and stood in circles, decked out in nude-colored, tummy-tucking underwear and push-up bras. It was controversially bizarre. The models stood still as if they were part of the military, and any ounce of movement would have been reprimanded. My attention was immediately caught. I then noticed the intricate details of her jewelry that were wrapped around the models’ necks, arms, and ears. My camera clicked away as the metal vines of gold held together their beautiful precious stones.

Overall, my NYFW was a wonderful experience. Despite all the stresses that you heard me highlight in the beginning of the post, it was all worth it. Fashion will always be a part of my life, and it continues to keep me alive…no matter how dead I am.  🙂




  • judy hages

    Just when I thought you had written the best blog I’ve ever read………..this one is even better. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with all of us who would never have the opportunity to see these clothes thru a trained eye like yours. WOW!!!

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