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One Shirt, Two Skirts


1:2 – the ratio that represents that there is 1 for every 2 of something. See examples below:

  1. One shirt, two skirts – the concept in which there are multiple ways to “jazzy-up” a single item. It is the utilization of a staple item such as a t-shirt and creating two looks simply by interchanging other aspects of the outfit, such as pants, skirts, shoes, etc. I.E. My blog pictures today with my white tee and my two skirts.
  2. One celebration, two life events – how I have felt my birthday and Christmas were celebrated together every year. They happen to be six days apart from each other (My birthday is on the 19th of December). My birthday at times feels forgotten because of this worldwide holiday. These two life events were melded into one get-together for years with my family and friends, just like my presents were.
  3. One present, two events. Self-explanatory. Le sigh.


Except this year, I decided to shake things up a bit and instigate the 1:1 ratio instead. One celebration, one life event. One weekend for my birthday, the next weekend for Jesus’. It only seemed fair.


And boy was that the best decision of the season. My birthday weekend was amazing. It turned into a four day celebration and every day was keeping me at the edge of my seat. The first day, I saw the Star Wars premiere with my boyfriend and a couple of his geeky friends. The next day, my best friend surprised me with second-row tickets to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall with the Rockettes. Those dancers are so talented! I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. Later that night, I went to one of my favorite speakeasies with friends and coworkers to enjoy my favorite gin concoctions and a couple of free shooters thanks to my newest bartender friend. On the third day of my actual birthday, I saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for the first time in my life. I haven’t been to a musical in God knows how long. The story, the acting, and the singing were absolutely phenomenal (despite my throbbing headache during the show and lack of sleep the night before)

Now, I know you guys are  dying to know what I ATE to celebrate! I went to Atlantic Grill in the Upper East Side for my birthday dinner. We ordered the famous shellfish tower, Chilean sea bass, tuna tartare, Salmon, and ended the night with a complimentary crème brulee for my celebration.



On Sunday, my family visited me in the city for a birthday dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill. IF YOU HAPPEN TO GO THERE, please order the dishes I had: bone marrow fried rice, salmon tartare with a quail egg, yellowtail tartare with a quail egg, beef marrow, double-fried chicken wings, and the sushi boat special (Blue Ribbon special). I died and went to heaven that night. Then, I reincarnated into a human again so I could potentially relive this experience.


So, the moral of the story is this: celebrate each moment in your life as its own and really cherish it. I wanted to feel special on my birthday, so I made the weekend my own party and surrounded myself with friends and family while we all celebrated the day I was brought into this world. Sounds a bit selfish, but hey, sometimes you just gotta thank the world for your life.  Jesus can celebrate six days later.


Pictured above:

1st outfit: Top-Calvin Klein; Skirt: Zara; Flats – Chanel; Bag: Chanel (buy new or amazing vintage ones at a Second Chance Designer Resale); Bracelets: David Yurman and David Yurman

2nd outfit: Skirt: H&M; Cardigan: Nipon Boutique at Lord & Taylor; Shoes/Bags/Jewelry: All mentioned in 1st outfit


*Note: The sun was setting sooner than I had wanted to for these pictures, so please excuse the creeping night into these photos. 🙂

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