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Strangers, Coincidences, Acquaintances.

Strangers, Coincidences, Acquaintances – the order of that random friendship that formed when you one day took that extra step of humanity to say “Hello” to a regular who shared the same coffee shop as you. Or to that dude you always saw at the gym during those after-work hours. Or to that someone at that party who was in a sea full of strangers and now happens to be your friend five years later.

Photographer: Hamm Jack

Throughout my life, I have learned that unexpected strangers are blooming opportunities. Opportunities to not only network and become that final step in the direction of your dream job – but opportunities to connect with someone on an intellectual level. With this person, you feed off of his or her energy, appreciating the language that you two share. And just like that, from just a few simple words, you two formed an invaluable connection.

Because of my big mouth and I, I have encountered many of these so-called strangers and have created wonderful friendships . Looking back, I could not even imagine my life without them.

Photographer: Christopher David

It’s easy to get lost in the midst of life. You get used to the monotonous schedule of your day-to-day – waking up, going to work, hitting the gym, eating dinner, then going to sleep. You replay this cycle five days straight, then you look forward to relaxing on the weekend and somehow fit in errands too. You forget how to live your life. You forget how to chase those dreams you created when you were little. But, really, all you need is a little reminder from someone.

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My second move back into New York City changed everything. I didn’t know if it had to do with the fact that I was surrounded by this hustling and bustling city full of hard-working people or if it was mere coincidence.

One day, I decided to reignite my life-long dream of creating my own fashion blog. I used to model when I was 16, so I thought posing for the camera would seamlessly transfer over to my newfound hobby. The next day, I had a fruitful conversation with someone who worked in my building and he was telling me that he wanted to pursue modeling again. I gave him some advice and some connections, and before you know it, he had photo shoots almost every weekend. He then became one of my photographers and I became one of his. We shared our passions together and kept growing. He got me back in my groove, and that’s when I found myself posing behind the camera again, this time for modeling.

This guy was just one example of the many strangers I’ve talked to who have helped me become a better version of myself. I hope I had reciprocated a positive impact on him as well. I realized that if you have a good heart, relentless ambition, and help others like you along the way, there is no outcome but success. And that to me is a life worth living.

Conclusion: there are some f*cking awesome people out there. Get to know them.

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Thanks for the modeling sesh! Pictures taken by two wonderful photographers: Christopher David and Hamm Jack.



  • Ugonna Nwaka

    I enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing. It is crazy how we sometimes don’t notice that we are living a life filled with routines. I just moved to New York for work but I own a fashion blog but lately I have been telling myself to network more with people as opposed to going to work, home, gym and sleep lol. Thank you again for sharing! I wish you success with your journey.
    I’d love to meet up if that works for you as I’m trying to make new friends here.

    • TheStyleWright

      Thanks so much Ugonna! Absolutely. It’s so easy to fall into a routine and forget what life has to offer. Sometimes you just have step outside and think what you could do just even a little differently. You never know, the rewards can be generous.

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