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Channeling My Inner Artist + Red Statement In a Sea of Black

My post this evening is going to be a lot more than my outfit in these pictures.  It is meant to inspire those who struggle with identifying ourselves every day. Enjoy.

Do you ever feel like even though you are doing something, like drawing, playing an instrument, or writing, that you just cannot call yourself an artist…just yet? I had this notion that I could not call myself a singer for the longest time, simply because I thought I fell short of perfection.

To this day, I still remember years ago when I began to take my singing seriously – finally turning my longtime shower hobby into a fully developed passion. Singing in a select choir from elementary school throughout high school could not suffice anymore. I needed something more – I needed to give my voice the nurturing it deserved.

As I had mentioned before, I struggled with calling myself an actual “singer.” I felt as if something was missing from my idea of the “perfect singer” that I felt I could not entitle myself with such esteem.

Then, right after my sweet sixteen, an opportunity presented itself to me. With my best friend’s referral, I started taking weekly voice lessons with an amazing teacher. From then on, the vocal range and tone quality of my voice improved dramatically. I used to only be able to sing in the lower registers of my voice, but now I can sing songs that encompass high notes such as songs by Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. Years ago, I would have never even dreamed of singing these songs.

In a voice class one snowy evening, my voice teacher asked the students, “How many of you are singers?” One by one, everybody lifted up their arms slowly, as if they were confused as to why she would ask that question in the first place. Then it hit me – I AM a singer. I don’t have to be super famous or sing out professionally all the time to call myself one – I just have to be singing. And I am singing.

Just like I am blogging and modeling. Do I blog part-time because I have a full-time job? Yes. But, I am just as much a blogger as anybody else who is doing it full-time. Do I model on the side whenever I am called to a photo shoot? Yes. Should I rid myself of the title “model” only because I am not signed to an agency? Absolutely not.

Pictured above: Red Statement in a Sea of Black:  Skirt: Zara — Top: Aéropostale — Bag: Chloe — Shoes: Dune London at Lord & Taylor — Bracelet: Charming Charlie

I have learned to embrace my inner artist, and I am showing the world my talent by sharing my love of music, fashion, and writing to anyone who wants to listen. And guess what? You should, too. Because life’s too short to be living out your dreams by yourself. You never know whom you can inspire or who can inspire you. So, be yourself and be bold about it. You are your own cheerleader and nobody else can tell you otherwise who you can or cannot be.

Speaking of modeling, I had a great shoot the other week and I cannot wait to show you guys my pictures when the photos are released! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @TheStyleWright and on Snapchat @kcmama8 to keep updated on the latest stories!



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