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Happy Labor Day weekend everybody! Totally took advantage by taking off on Friday and having a four-day weekend. (although two of those days were spent entirely for my puppy, Einstein, and training him how to “sit” and give me his “paw”).  Unfortunately, it’s back to reality tomorrow. I’m dedicating this post to all of those in the fashion business world – those who are challenged daily by the corporate retail structure and finding the happy medium with their inner fashionista.


I always say you don’t need to buy expensive everything in order to look like a million bucks. However, I truly believe in investing in a few luxury statement pieces, especially a little bit of Chanel. A little bit of Chanel never hurt nobody 😉 Pair a Chanel Wallet on Chain with a pencil skirt from H&M and a top from Zara, and you’re good to go.

Bag: Chanel WOC in Black Caviar Leather

I just can’t get away from Coco. My love for her will never dwindle, and my bank account just sits around and waits for the right time to invest in another one of her pieces.

Top: Zara neoprene tank

Skirt: H&M

My eyes look extremely brown in this picture. Go sun.

Bracelet: H&M

Earrings: Robert Rose Etched Chevron Drop Earrings from Lord & Taylor – also on sale on my Poshmark for only $25!


Remember, folks. Always tuck in those inside shirt-hangers…I obviously forgot to during this shoot.

Last, but not least, here are my new Chanel lambskin bowtie heels. Everlasting classy, everlasting chic. What are your favorite investment pieces?

Here’s to a short work week. Cheers!



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