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Did I Hop On the Yurman Train Too Late?

Wish I had a hairtie...

So, did I catch on the trend a little bit too late? One thing I like to say, (or as Justin Bieber says), “never say never.”  I was always jealous of my friends who were able to catch up on the latest trends of designer goods because their parents were well-off enough to give them luxury presents. I was not as lucky back then, but with work and all, I have finally saved up enough to buy my first David Yurman ring! Here is the outfit I decided to celebrate my way to Bloomingdale’s in as I put that shiny amethyst stone on my middle finger. (Stupid truck in the background.)

Pictured above:

Top: Neoprene V-neck tank top from Zara

Skirt: Wrap Me Skirt in Royal from Lushfox

Bag: Suede bucket bag with gold chain and studs, Japanese imported from Hong Kong

Shoes: Rockstud knockoffs from Valentino by BCBG Generation – Darron Patent Pump (I can’t afford them in EVERY color, although I do have a few pairs..they’re dangerously close in design, but I can still tell the difference. I bought my black BCBG ones after I bought a real Valentino pair in red. At least with the Black pair, I won’t have to worry about soiling them on my weekend nights out!)

David Yurman Albion Ring with Amethyst & Diamonds
David Yurman Albion Ring with Amethyst & Diamonds

And the best part of the day was acquiring my final prized possession and latest obsession: my brand new David Yurman Albion Ring with Amethyst & Diamonds. I have worn this ring every day, and I absolutely adore it. Amethyst is also the stone of luck, so luck is with me wherever I go 🙂

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