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Because I Learned How to Catwalk in College

I mean, I actually kinda did learn how to catwalk. I auditioned to be a “runway model” at NYU for my senior year…but of course, I stumbled during my auditions during this really complicated pivot…fail. Wound up I got called back to be a performer at the show, right next to the famous Korean rapper Dumbfoundead.  I performed two songs, he performed two songs. I totally thought this was a better route, don’t cha think?  You can see my performance here and here on my Youtube – I honored Amy Winehouse and Queen B. So yeah, pictured above is basically my lesson learned. hah!

Um, do you see the drop below and how close I am to the edge? I highly suggest not taking photographs on illegal ledges, but I am a daredevil apparently. Some elderly man even warned the photographer that cops were going around yelling at people to get off the ledge (I did not listen).

Pictured above:

Shirt: Love Ady Leather tank top with Woven back from Lord and Taylor

Skirt: Floral printed Skirt with middle buttons from Forever 21. They have some darn cute skirts out there right now..can anyone say weekend shopping spree?

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Patent Leather Pumps from Saks Fifth Avenue

The wind was blowin’ real hard that day. My hair kept running over my face and the ends kept smacking my cheekbones. Pollen kept flying into my nose and eyes, I literally wanted to call in sick. Nevertheless, I got some cool shots in because of the wind, so you can really see the texture of the clothes swaying, being their own models and doing their own catwalks.

Necklace: BCBG Maxazria

Alright, everybody stay cool for whatever’s left of the summer! Labor day weekend coming up soon. 🙂



P.S. SUSHI NAKAZAWA WAS AMAZING. (touched upon this in my previous post). Look at these pictures:

Sushi Nakazawa Omakase 1st half

Sushi Nakazawa Omakase 2nd half

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