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A Light Scarf To Dress Up A Summer’s Day

Boy, was it HOT when I had this photoshoot! The sun was blaring down even in the late afternoon. This weekend was me and my boyfriend’s 2-year anniversary, whoot whoot :). We celebrated it by dining at the finest sushi restaurant in NYC, Sushi Nakazawa (Pictures can be found in my Instagram soon – @theStyleWright). Nakazawa was the apprentice of Jiro from Jiro Dreams of Sushi, so it actually took us a month in advance to get the exact date we wanted. Can we say scrumptious?

This dress seemed so plain without a necklace, but a necklace wouldn’t have sufficed, so despite the scorching heat, I decided to play up my outfit with a light scarf that I got from Paris a few years back during a Eurotrip I took.

Scarf: some botega on the Parisian streets, sorry!

Sneaker wedges: Forever 21 Black Suede sneaker wedges. I really gotta stop buying things that you guys can’t buy. Ugh!

Dress: American Apparel. Find similar ones here.

Panacea Earrings
Panacea Earrings

These are by far the coolest earrings I own. Can’t get away with them at work, but on the weekends, you can see my strutting in them when I want to put a little edginess into my outfits. I tied the back of the scarf into a double knot and let the ends hang loose – the scarf was one of those square scarfs similar to the Hermes scarf.

Earrings: Panacea Silvertone Double Chainlink Studs – sold out at I’m also selling them on my Poshmark if you would like to purchase them from my closet!

And guess what my ultimate vice is? Handbags, bags, and bags. I got this sucker literally 2 days after it hit the flagship store on 5th Avenue. I couldn’t help myself! Saint Laurent has to be one of my favorite designers next to Chanel, especially for handbags and shoes. I believe they only had 3 in stock, so I was a lucky gal.

Bag: Saint Laurent Monogramme Bourse python-embossed mini leather bucket bag. You can find the non-embossed version here.

The bag can’t fit much, but it’s super cute, and can fit your phone, small wallet, couple of lipsticks, a portable mirror, and other small things. Probably one of the cutest grab-and-go bags out there. At least I think so.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week. Let’s start this Monday off right!



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