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Who Said Chainmail Is Only For The Medieval Times

FDR Drive
FDR Drive

Cliff Hanger

Define Chainmail. Ok. According to Wikipedia and my paraphrasing skills…

Chainmail: a type of armor formed by small metal rings linked together to serve as a form of protection.

Reppin' the Red Hat
Reppin’ the Red Hat
Well let me tell you what it was NOT protecting me from: the heat. Although this shiny glitz of a t-shirt looks extremely glamorous, it is HEAVY. I suggest not wearing this in the peaks of the summer (unless you desire that natural greasy-face look, then you’re golden). Nonetheless, I thought it paired nicely with my outfit and it wasn’t that pricey either. Serves me right for choosing a heavy armor material to wear under the scorching sun. Maybe should have left that back in the Medieval Times, huh? 

Geometric Shorts
Geometric Shorts

I just love love love these shorts. Made out of a neoprene/scuba-type material, they’re form-fitting and comfortable. Might I add that the geometric pattern is killer?

T-Shirt: Chainmail T-shirt – H&M
Shorts: Forever 21
Earrings: Lord & Taylor
424 Fifth
424 Fifth

Shoes: 424 Fifth Caleigh Sandals from Lord & Taylor (I got these for $99, but now they’re on sale for $39!)

These heels are probably the most comfortable heels I own. And I have a LOT to compare them to. Cute, trendy, easy to wear, easy to match – I had to invest in these.

Well, that’s a wrap! Happy Sunday night everyone. Good luck with the last week of July! One more month of summer left – let’s make the best of it 🙂


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  • judy p hages

    Kasey!! You are a great shopper……and, I really do enjoy your humor and how articulate you are. Kee it up! I’m a fan….and I’m looking better every day! judy

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