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5th Avenue Stroll

Louboutins and Chanel

Hi there! My name is Kasey Ma. After prolonged delay and hesitation, I have finally decided to start blogging once again. Some of you have known me to blog when Xanga and Myspace first came out. I used to make a lot of customized layouts for other users to apply to their personal blogs (Yes, I was and, but that was put on hiatus because you know…life got in the way…as well as many other excuses. Well, I finally decided to grow up and stop making excuses for myself. Fast forward to years later, I have graduated NYU in 2014 in the heart of Greenwich Village with a degree in Economics and a heart full into entrepreneurship (I was Co-President of NYU’s Entrepreneurship Association and Marketing Advisor of NYU’s Entrepreneurs Network), and have finally begun my journey into the real world. Full-time, I work as a Planner at America’s 1st department store (google if you’d like), mixing my business acumen with my sense of style. Making sure to not lag on my creative side of my personality, I’ve decided to once and for all, launch, a blog about my life, my styles, my inspirations. I want to share my story with the world, not only in fashion, but also with my words. Welcome.

Above, you’ll see me strolling on a street near 5th Avenue, right in front of Bene Rialto, a NYC marketplace of emerging designers. I decided to have a little photo shoot near here, sporting my few everlasting faves: Christian Louboutin and Coco Chanel. Now, I’m a strong advocate in saying that in order to look expensive, everything on you does not have to be expensive. I believe that investing in worthwhile splurges of handbags and shoes is sufficient to look and feel glamorous while appreciating the craftsmanship of well-known and talented designers. In terms of where you can shop my look, I do not fully recall where I got my entire outfit, but you can find where I got some pieces of it:

Skirt: Forever 21 (find similar A-like skirts here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Argotik Patent Red Sole Pump, Black

Bag: Chanel (buy new or amazing vintage ones at a Second Chance Designer Resale)

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions!

Xoxo, Kasey

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