New York Fashion Week 2017 | Recap

The Stylewright's New York Fashion Week 2017 Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

Hey Ya’ll. I’ve been posting a lot about the past New York Fashion Week lately, and I’m finally here with the recap. (To see what I wore, you can find my previous two New York Fashion Week 2017 outfit posts HERE and HERE).

Looking back at this past season, this was by far the best and busiest I have ever been to. Luckily, this season, I felt more prepared. I actually put some short videos together that I was able to capture pre-Season and during the shows. Click HERE to enjoy the clips! (don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe.) 🙂

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Baroque for Jill Stuart and NASA for Vivienne Tam: NYFW Outfit Highlight #2 and #3

Hi everyone! I’m writing this post to talk about my two next favorite outfits that I wore to some of my favorite Shows of this past NYFW. You can find my other favorite outfit highlight in this post.

VT2 Edited V2 CroppedJill stuart outfit1


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New York Fashion Week Tips



Hi guys! I’ve been so immersed with New York Fashion Week, I figured it would be great to share with you some insider tips on how to survive the hectic schedule. I’ve made several mistakes and have learned a great deal from them. So here I am sharing some tips with you so you can avoid a few mishaps and enjoy the shows more. Read on!

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Museum of Ice Cream Tour

Check out my latest VLOG on my silly self touring the Manhattan’s Museum of Ice Cream!

Me in the Pool of Sprinkles

I had WAY too much fun at the Museum of Ice Cream. Watch my VLOG for a fun preview, or if you’ve been there already, relive the experience!

42 Stories High


Apologies I haven’t written in awhile – I’ve moved yet ANOTHER time, the fourth time, within 1.5 years. Thank goodness this will be my last move for some time. I bought my own place on the 42nd floor of a luxury condo – so I don’t think I’m moving anywhere anytime soon. Everything in my life is so chaotic right now, I’ve barely had time for myself and my blog. I’m missing the gym and my love handles are really hugging me right now, begging me to jump on the treadmill.

I’ve been living out of moving boxes for months and I had to learn how to accept being in a state of discomfort and disarray. I am going nuts!!

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NYFW Part 2: The Grand Finale

The Art Institutes, Eva Michelle, OBDEC…this was the trio that concluded February New York Fashion Week.

With a full-time desk job that wouldn’t free me till 7pm, attending shows had been extremely exhausting. I would come home past 11pm, eat dinner that consisted of some sort of fried food like chicken fingers and burgers, and wake up at 6am with a tummy ache full of indigestion. With four to five cups of coffee, I powered through my day job for 11 hours, then Uber’d my way to more shows. Rinse, cycle, repeat. You may think being a fashion blogger is solely glamorous based on the moments we capture; however, with all that glamour comes the sacrifice of sleep, health, and time.

Thank God for the above-average makeup skills that shielded my zombie face from the flashes of the cameras. Eyeliner, mascara, and powdered brows were the only things that were propping my eyelids open. And thanks to HD makeup and my Beauty Blender sponge, I could cover all my blemishes and veiny skin that were a result of dehydration and lack of sleep.

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NYFW 2016 – Couture Fashion Week

Fashion Week in February is no joke. Shit is mad cold! 5 degree weather Saturday got my fingers barely living on my hands and my piggy toes hardly maintaining a healthy color. The only reason I didn’t lose them was because my shoes were doing a phenomenal job keeping them together. Kudos to that. Arctic weather strong.


Thank God what also was strong were the collections I had witnessed strutting down the runway. If it weren’t for these beautiful models and their clothes, I definitely would have found myself running away from the wind in an Uber instead.

Thanks to Couture Fashion Week and their 23rd season, I saw lines of designers from all over the world: The U.S., Romania, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Netherlands.

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Life Is A Simple Formula


My, it’s getting chilly over here in New York City! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and safe travels. I am good on the free and fattening turkey leftovers for weeks. For that, I am extremely thankful :-D. Thankful for this delicious (gluttonous) holiday, and for the time to be with family and friends.


Do you ever feel like you just want to slap everyone’s face that passes by just because everything is just pissing you off? Sometimes, I can be in such a bitter mood and can find anything in the world to complain about. ‘Oh, my commute was 15 minutes longer today because some stupid conductor said there was train traffic,’ says every New Yorker as they take the subway to work every morning during rush hour.  ‘I am so f*cking exhausted after work, I don’t ever have the time to work out and here I am just getting fatter by the second!’ says everybody with a desk job. And the most dreadful and painful one of all, ‘I hate my life.’

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Casually Playing Up the Pencil Skirt

Stayin' Classy

Whatchu Lookin’ At?

Happy Sunday evening, everyone! I hope everyone’s weekends went well. Mine was nice and relaxing – worked out yesterday morning, and met some wonderful bloggers for a collab photoshoot for YHM Magazine. (I’ve been featured in an article on this fabulous magazine before – click here for the article.) Afterwards, we brunched at The Park in Manhattan and indulged in mango mimosas and white wine sangria.So what’s the verdict on office pencil skirts? Yay or nay? A lot of people will say “nay” unless their corporate offices require them to wear these stiff pieces of clothing. But honestly, there are so many ways to dress up your typical black pencil skirt. There are also ways to pair together black and white and not look like a basic penguin.

Here, I mixed and matched casual with formal to emit a clean, crisp, and trendy look. The pencil skirt was already decorated with lace trim on the side, so I threw on a casual cropped white t-shirt. Even though any pair of  black patent leather pumps would have sufficed, I added more geometric edge to the outfit with these 424 Fifth heeled leather sandals that had nice black rectangular straps along the foot and a chunky heel.

Top: White Cropped T-Shirt from Tobi (Find similar styles here.)

Skirt: Pencil Skirt with Lace Trim from H&M

Shoes: 424 Fifth Caleigh Sandals from Lord & Taylor (sold out now, but you can find the rest of the brand’s shoes here.)

To add some color, I added a rustic-looking, unique, blue-stoned necklace to play up the symmetrical structuring of the skirt. In terms of jewelry, I wanted to keep it minimal and classy.

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