Eliciting that “Je Ne Sais Quoi” Factor

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“Je Ne Sais Quoi”: an intangible quality that makes someone or something distinctive or attractive. Literally meaning “I do not know what.” To my knowledge and experience, all women wish to embody this attribute. They all want to exude this strong, yet subtle confidence and beauty – both externally and from within. Little do they know that each and every one of them already has that special something. Sometimes, it just takes a little practice to bring that side of them forward.

Recently, I had a trial run of this newfound confidence…a different kind of confidence than I am used to.

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NYFW Day 1: 6 Shows and Counting

The Busiest Day of My Life!

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (oh, so anxiously, so sorry….been so busy) *drumroll please* …my recap of NYFW Day 1!

I wasn’t kidding about taking some mental notes to be prepared for NYFW, by the way. You can read about my NYFW tips HERE to save yourself next time (or to laugh at me, whatever suits your fancy). Unfortunately, on my first morning, I already had made my first mistake. I left late from my apartment, and because there was an insurmountable amount of traffic, I basically missed my 1st show. Lovely start to a NYFW right? Well, we all make mistakes here and there – I am vowing to myself to never make them again!

Nonetheless, I missed the wonderful show of Nicholas K, but I was able to obtain these breathtaking photos of his work.

This guy is definitely a bold one – mixing his grunge-like style with lightweight fabrics and asymmetrical trims. The colors of his SS ‘17 collection were natural and earth-toned, yet there was a sort of metallic shimmer to the fabrics. It seemed as though he was trying to challenge every concept with its contrast and he had managed to brilliantly harmonize the opposing sides. (Shop Nicholas K below).

Next on the agenda was the wonderful Noon by Noor. This collection was the polar opposite of Nicholas K’s. Lots of blushes, creams, whites, and the occasional blacks glided down the runway. There was a feeling of serenity as I observed each beautiful piece. Some of them looked so lightweight, sheer, lace-y, and comfortable that I would have mistaken some pieces for extremely luxurious pajama sets. Kudos to Noon by Noor. (Shop Noon by Noor below)

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NYFW Part 2: The Grand Finale

The Art Institutes, Eva Michelle, OBDEC…this was the trio that concluded February New York Fashion Week.

With a full-time desk job that wouldn’t free me till 7pm, attending shows had been extremely exhausting. I would come home past 11pm, eat dinner that consisted of some sort of fried food like chicken fingers and burgers, and wake up at 6am with a tummy ache full of indigestion. With four to five cups of coffee, I powered through my day job for 11 hours, then Uber’d my way to more shows. Rinse, cycle, repeat. You may think being a fashion blogger is solely glamorous based on the moments we capture; however, with all that glamour comes the sacrifice of sleep, health, and time.

Thank God for the above-average makeup skills that shielded my zombie face from the flashes of the cameras. Eyeliner, mascara, and powdered brows were the only things that were propping my eyelids open. And thanks to HD makeup and my Beauty Blender sponge, I could cover all my blemishes and veiny skin that were a result of dehydration and lack of sleep.

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Strangers, Coincidences, Acquaintances.

Strangers, Coincidences, Acquaintances – the order of that random friendship that formed when you one day took that extra step of humanity to say “Hello” to a regular who shared the same coffee shop as you. Or to that dude you always saw at the gym during those after-work hours. Or to that someone at that party who was in a sea full of strangers and now happens to be your friend five years later.

Photographer: Hamm Jack

Throughout my life, I have learned that unexpected strangers are blooming opportunities. Opportunities to not only network and become that final step in the direction of your dream job – but opportunities to connect with someone on an intellectual level. With this person, you feed off of his or her energy, appreciating the language that you two share. And just like that, from just a few simple words, you two formed an invaluable connection.

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Who Said Chainmail Is Only For The Medieval Times

FDR Drive

FDR Drive

Cliff Hanger

Define Chainmail. Ok. According to Wikipedia and my paraphrasing skills…

Chainmail: a type of armor formed by small metal rings linked together to serve as a form of protection.

Reppin' the Red Hat

Reppin’ the Red Hat

Well let me tell you what it was NOT protecting me from: the heat. Although this shiny glitz of a t-shirt looks extremely glamorous, it is HEAVY. I suggest not wearing this in the peaks of the summer (unless you desire that natural greasy-face look, then you’re golden). Nonetheless, I thought it paired nicely with my outfit and it wasn’t that pricey either. Serves me right for choosing a heavy armor material to wear under the scorching sun. Maybe should have left that back in the Medieval Times, huh? 

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