New York Fashion Week 2017 | Recap

The Stylewright's New York Fashion Week 2017 Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

Hey Ya’ll. I’ve been posting a lot about the past New York Fashion Week lately, and I’m finally here with the recap. (To see what I wore, you can find my previous two New York Fashion Week 2017 outfit posts HERE and HERE).

Looking back at this past season, this was by far the best and busiest I have ever been to. Luckily, this season, I felt more prepared. I actually put some short videos together that I was able to capture pre-Season and during the shows. Click HERE to enjoy the clips! (don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe.) 🙂

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The Rest of the Crazy # NYFW

cray, cray, crayzee times.

NYFW Day 3 Outfit

Skirt – T By Alexander Wang; Top: Express; Bag: Chanel Vintage; Choker: Free People; Shoes: (BCBG Maxazria). Photographed by: TheCelebrd

In this post, I will be talking about the rest of my NYFW Fall 2016. To shop some of each designer’s pieces and outfits, refer to the end of the post to see similar and shop-able styles. 

This NYFW season has blown me away with the designs offered on the runway. The next impressive show was none other than the incredible Tadashi Shoji. I was so excited when I got to Skylight that I had to create a snapchat intro to remember this moment:

And boy, was I right in the level of excitement. The two big screens on the walls opened with some crazy, trippy video of an Asian-styled video of animals linking appendages to one another with their snouts or tails. Here is the example of the elephant:


I remember thinking to myself, “What the hell?” But then I was like, it’s Fashion Week, whatever. Sometimes designers like to mess with the human mind and question their taste in fashion. So, this wasn’t so bad.

Then, the designs came flowing down the runway. This was by far the most beautiful set of designs I have seen this entire NYFW. Tadashi gets a 10 for design, 10 for elegance, and 10 for wearability. The pieces were absolutely stunning.

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“Just Keep Swimming” – Dory, From Finding Nemo


I was always a big believer that in order to grow, you had to keep moving – whether that moving was forwards, backwards, or lateral. You had to continue moving somewhere, anywhere. Stillness was simply  too bland. I’ve lived by this mantra during the beginning years of my young adult life. The day I turned 18, my journey of endless motion and unexpected surprises began to unfold.

I ceased to stop moving. My life never slowed down for me, and I had to keep up in the race.


Now, let’s talk about how I physically never stopped moving. Throughout my education at NYU, I lived in three different dorms throughout the East Village in Manhattan. Just two years away from obtaining my B.A. in Economics (I know how bizarre that I’m in fashion), my new home was in Downtown Jersey City right along the Hudson River. I took the Path to the city every day for class and was lucky enough to wake up to the Manhattan skyline and say goodnight to the newly-constructed World Trade Center. I lived there for about 2.5 years, embracing the fact that I had my car and the luxury condo’s pool and gym facilities.


I then landed a full-time job upon graduation, and unfortunately, it was right at the time I had to sell the Jersey City apartment. I was forced to move back to my hometown in northern New Jersey. Just two days before my job, I had to adjust to a new place again. 5am mornings, 2-hour commutes, and sleep deprivation became the norm. For the next few months, I lost sleep, time with my boyfriend and friends, and time for myself.


I decided it was time to change. For the fourth time, I moved out of my childhood home and ventured out into Manhattan again, but this time to the Upper East Side. Everything about it seemed glamorous – this was the neighborhood where the Gossip Girls lived; it was full of luxury consignment shops; and it had a wonderful reputation. Also, it was here where I got my first puppy, Einstein, who I love so dearly.


Too bad rent was so high and the area I was living in was pricey. I swear the restaurants and stores in the Upper East Side had arms that extended like vines inching to pick-pocket my wallet. Nothing was ever easy to afford, so I never lived comfortably.


Now what? Fast forward to a couple of months ago, and I decided that renting was a complete waste of money, especially in the city. So, I saved up a ton of money, took out a loan, and bought a place in NJ close to NYC. This way, my monthly payment went to building my equity instead of disappearing into some landlord’s wallet. Life was getting better for me.

For six years, I had a fleeting definition of the word “home.” On top of all that, my life was simultaneously changing right before me. During all my moving years, I had graduated NYU, taken on several fashion internships, started my full-time job, and then launched my blog. So much growth for me happened both physically and developmentally. It was all one hell of a roller coaster ride and it still continues to be. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Actually, really glad. As Dory said, “just keep swimming.”


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.



Kasey is wearing – Booties: Dune London; Cardigan: Vince; Necklace – MD13 (amazing handmade jewelry by my girl Monica; Dress: Victoria’s Secret; Chanel Wallet-On-Chain: Saks Fifth Avenue


One Shirt, Two Skirts


1:2 – the ratio that represents that there is 1 for every 2 of something. See examples below:

  1. One shirt, two skirts – the concept in which there are multiple ways to “jazzy-up” a single item. It is the utilization of a staple item such as a t-shirt and creating two looks simply by interchanging other aspects of the outfit, such as pants, skirts, shoes, etc. I.E. My blog pictures today with my white tee and my two skirts.
  2. One celebration, two life events – how I have felt my birthday and Christmas were celebrated together every year. They happen to be six days apart from each other (My birthday is on the 19th of December). My birthday at times feels forgotten because of this worldwide holiday. These two life events were melded into one get-together for years with my family and friends, just like my presents were.
  3. One present, two events. Self-explanatory. Le sigh.


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3 Days Left Till Christmas – Are You Ready?

Stuck on what to get for the holidays with only 3 days on the calendar left? I know I’ve done my fair share of gifting myself for my birthday and Christmas with lots of David Yurman and Chanel shoes (will show you soon). But now, it’s other people’s turns. Family, friends, loved ones – those are the people who have been with you since day one and it is time to show them some love. Here are some of my last-minute gifting ideas (Click on pics to shop!)

For the One Who Likes to Relax (Or Needs To):

Lush Bath Bombs


Nested Fragrances Holiday Classic Scented Candle & Diffuser Set


For the One Who Is a Homebody:

UGG Australia Scuff Slippersholidayugg

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Up, Up, and Away

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Weekend getaway to Longboat Key and Clearwater Beach

 This weekend, I told myself to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Away from the stresses of work, the crowded subways, pollution, noisy cars, and expensive lattes.
On Thursday and Friday night, I stayed at the Longboat Key Resort, wining and dining along the gulf of a serene Floridian island. I ended my nights in a beautiful two-bedroom apartment with an extended balcony that led straight to a private pool, hot tub, and of course the beach. It was perfect.

Longboat Key Resort

Skirt: Zara

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Chanel Office Chic

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody! Totally took advantage by taking off on Friday and having a four-day weekend. (although two of those days were spent entirely for my puppy, Einstein, and training him how to “sit” and give me his “paw”).  Unfortunately, it’s back to reality tomorrow. I’m dedicating this post to all of those in the fashion business world – those who are challenged daily by the corporate retail structure and finding the happy medium with their inner fashionista.


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Patterned Textures and A New Puppy!

Hello hello!

Good evening ya’ll. Sorry for missing my Sunday evening post, but I was too busy getting my first puppy on Friday and taking care of my baby! He’s a Havanese 3-month old baby. He’s a big boy. His name is Einstein, named after the way his white hair looks like if it were to be shocked by electricity and from the general intelligence of Havanese dogs.
Through the midst of taking care of Einstein, I was able to make it back to my old city, Jersey City, and hang out with a fellow blogger. We took some sick pictures along some streets with crazy graffiti and this is what we got:

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Work Chic + New Camera Announcement! :O

IMG_8207Work Chic - Kasey Ma So on festive Friday, I decide to spruce up my work outfit a bit with this adorable cute lace skirt (which I could barely walk in, but could still do so gracefully). It was so hectic at work, but I managed to slip in a quick 4-minute photoshoot with my iPhone and dearest coworker. After I saw the quality in these photos and how the shadows seemed to shroud my supposedly adorable outfit, I decided to finally invest in a beautiful, but very expensive camera. Thank you, Best Buy for your cameras and customer service. 🙂 I’m so excited to finally show my readers amazing pictures, but bear with me as it is definitely going to be a huge learning curve. Details of my outfit are shown below (and with my new camera!)

Chanel and Saint LaurentSkirt: Daily Look Venetian Lace Skirt in Pink

Bag: Chanel WOC (From Saks Fifth Avenue NYC Flagship store)

Shoes: Saint Laurent Paris pumps (these are sold out, but similar ones can be found in the link. You can also find them at Harrod’s, but they seem to be sold out everywhere!)

Saint Laurent and ChanelI really love these heels. Not only are they stunning, but they have a beautiful V cut near your toes, giving you the perfect peak of toe cleavage ;). They are a very sexy pair of shoes, and still extremely classy in style. Best of all, they are comfortable. I have found that out of all the luxury designer labels, Saint Laurent has the most comfortable pumps.

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