New York Fashion Week 2017 | Recap

The Stylewright's New York Fashion Week 2017 Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week 2017

Hey Ya’ll. I’ve been posting a lot about the past New York Fashion Week lately, and I’m finally here with the recap. (To see what I wore, you can find my previous two New York Fashion Week 2017 outfit posts HERE and HERE).

Looking back at this past season, this was by far the best and busiest I have ever been to. Luckily, this season, I felt more prepared. I actually put some short videos together that I was able to capture pre-Season and during the shows. Click HERE to enjoy the clips! (don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe.) 🙂

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Feminine White Ruffles and Masculine Plaid Pants Straight from Italy- NYFW Outfit Highlight #1


Sorry guys it’s been so long since I’ve found some time to recap my NYFW outfits and highlights. It was definitely my busiest season yet! I’m going to start off my first post with my first favorite outfit, my second post with my second, and so on and so forth throughout this past NYFW. My last post will be a recap, so stay tuned for the highlights of my week!

My first fav outfit came straight from Italy. Literally. My entire wardrobe came from a super cute store in SoHo called Official Made in Italy. The store embraces its very own name: every single brand in there is made in Italy. This season, I was so happy and proud to be dressed head to toe with their brands. What I wore ranged from sunglasses, blouses, pants, to leather gloves. I felt like a bougie European badass with class. #watchout

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I Sing Too, What?

Yes, yes this is true. Responding to a few of my Instagram posts: “Are you still singing?” or with amazing English, “Is you still be singin’?”…YES. I am. I never have stopped, and I never will. I do need to work on more professional videos though. With work in the way and blogging, it gets tought to revisit my passion all the time. You can check out my Youtube here. Those are just a sample of some performances at Columbia University, New York University, and at the Berklee College of Music in Spain.

Kasey Ma in Gerald Walker's music video

Kasey Ma in Gerald Walker’s music video

On top of that, I sometimes model on the side (Yes, I’m short. But, you can still get side print modeling jobs, which I totally do). So, in this picture above, I happen to have a special appearance in upcoming artist Gerald Walker’s music video for his song, “No Heart Feelings”. I absolutely love this song. Gerald is such a great guy to work with. Check out his music!

Kasey Ma in No Heart Feelings by Gerald Walker

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Charmin’ it Up With Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

Here I am charmin’ it up with one of the trendiest fashion jewelry stores around: Charming Charlie on 5th Avenue. This specific spot is fairly new – it opened up right by my office, and when the construction was finally done, I had to make my way into this magical land. This two-floored store merchandises their product by theme, color, type of jewelry, any other category…you name it. I was in absolute awe my first stop through the doors. There was so much beauty to my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. Kudos to the visual merchandisers! I nearly bought over $100 worth of products within 20 minutes and their jewelry is only $5-$15 a piece! They also sell affordable and fashion-right shoes and dresses.

Dress: H&M ( so many dresses on sale right now. Get them while they’re in stock!)

Shoes: Steve Madden Wedges

Chanel Wallet

Chanel Wallet

I decided my bag didn’t match today with my outfit, so I brought out my good old red Chanel quilted lambskin wallet. This was my first Chanel purchase ever that initiated my endless addiction with the brand. And I mean, endless. If you ever run into me in NYC, it’ll most likely be on 5th Ave, shopping.

Wallet: Chanel (purchased her from an amazing secondhand vintage site for a steal!)

(On left hand): Two-tiered Gold Bracelet from H&M

(On right hand): Alex and Ani Lotus Bracelet

Ring: BCBG Maxazria (they have adorable rings)

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