Styling Aria Jay x Daniel Wellington Black Classic Campaign

An exclusive look behind-the-scenes styling Aria Jay

Hey guys! The Stylewright is back and better than evahhh! After NYFW, I thought things would slow down a bit, but boy was I wrong. Meetings, parties, events, and styling sessions inundated my weekly calendar. In this post, I will highlight two events: 1) The Daniel Wellington Black Classic Watch Campaign and 2) Being a Stylist for singer-songwriter Aria Jay.

Daniel Wellington Black Classic Campaign

I had a great kickoff to fun-filled events by being part of the Daniel Wellington #BlackClassic campaign. Not only did they send me their newest watch, they also invited me to a photoshoot where only 8 other influencers were selected. The shoot was at the super cute Daniel Wellington Pop-Up shop in Soho. Everything was so professional: the photographer, the setup, and the rest of the DW team. At the end, they offered me “bubbles” (which I found out meant champagne in Swedish). And then the next evening, I met some amazing bloggers at their Classic Black Launch Party, and was gifted with yet another watch! Their new NATO strap is super cool and stylish- I don’t have to worry about the leather stretching out or breaking, so it is a great option.

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Fashion – For Your Appraise or The Male Gaze?


For centuries, the utilization of fashion and its ultimate purpose has changed over time. Believe it or not – the beautiful “peacocks” were once the men. Dressed with prestige, men used to dress elaborately to demonstrate their wealth, and it was the women who were more obscure in taste.


With the rise of the Industrial Revolution during the 18th century came the work-wear of the man. Blue-collar work was at an all-time high, and it became impractical for the male to wear ornate clothing. The man’s garb became simpler and reversed in eloquence, whereas the woman’s hour-glass figure started to become more prominent. For the woman, sleeves shortened in length and the bodice was cut extremely low with exposed shoulders. Gradually, the woman’s body was becoming unveiled for everyone to see, stitch by stitch.

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I Sing Too, What?

Yes, yes this is true. Responding to a few of my Instagram posts: “Are you still singing?” or with amazing English, “Is you still be singin’?”…YES. I am. I never have stopped, and I never will. I do need to work on more professional videos though. With work in the way and blogging, it gets tought to revisit my passion all the time. You can check out my Youtube here. Those are just a sample of some performances at Columbia University, New York University, and at the Berklee College of Music in Spain.

Kasey Ma in Gerald Walker's music video

Kasey Ma in Gerald Walker’s music video

On top of that, I sometimes model on the side (Yes, I’m short. But, you can still get side print modeling jobs, which I totally do). So, in this picture above, I happen to have a special appearance in upcoming artist Gerald Walker’s music video for his song, “No Heart Feelings”. I absolutely love this song. Gerald is such a great guy to work with. Check out his music!

Kasey Ma in No Heart Feelings by Gerald Walker

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