Goodbye Blog, Hello Vlog!

But kind of, really.


I have made the decision to finally pivot my business “baby” and sweep up the momentum from this media age. I am slowing down the writing portion for my blog, and upping the talking portion for my vlog (Ooo, look at that rhyming). I want to concentrate more on connecting with the audience with my Youtube channel. I want to engage, I want to speak to them, and I want to make them laugh. Below you can find the pivotal steps I have gone through thus far in getting to this very Oscar-worthy realization.

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Stella McCartney Died!


Stella McCartney Foldover Triple-Chain Tote in Gray next to Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps. Disclosure: all pictures taken AFTER the mess!

Well, at least I thought mine did. And no, not talking about the actual person – thank God, and sorry if I gave you a scare. I’m talking about my actual bag. She was the second love of my designer bag life after my first Louis Vuitton Alma PM (which I had bought secondhand – I’m also selling this on Poshmark and you can buy new HERE).  I have dreamed about her for years – my Stella was my first new designer bag that I had purchased with my own hard-earned money. I remember I would ask a salesperson at every luxury department store to show me where the Stella McCartney bags were, just so I could stand there fawning over them. When my Stella Falabella triple-chain bag was finally in my possession, I was overcome with both excitement and gratitude.

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